Topic: A dream to be fulfilled

I have an Aunt that is the most die hard fan that you could imagine. She has been diagnosed the second time with Cancer. She is one of the most kind, generous person you could ever have in your life. It would mean the world to her family if Joe (himself) could reach out to her just to say hello. I realize he could not do this for every fan he has but this fan is different. I am new to this forum but I just wanted to give it a try to see if this dream could happen. Thank you so much....

Re: A dream to be fulfilled

I would suggest a letter from her to him via his office.

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Re: A dream to be fulfilled

Welcome to the forum jstirsman! I missed this before...thanks Rick...I suggest the same...a letter to the office is a good idea.I don't know if it will work
I'm hoping for the best for your Aunt and your family, she sounds wonderful.. Very kind of you to try to fulfill her dream.