Topic: The Who’s new album. Who

It just came out. I am a big Who fan although I have to admit my fandom of new Who music stopped after Who Are You

I had read some online interviews about this new album and having the ability to stream it gives one the chance to sample before buying.
  I have it a once through and my overall impression is it seemed like a good album.
  I can’t say any song was what I would call great or a hit type song. I plan on giving it another go around. I will say they do their best to sound like The Who we are used to.
Being 70 instead of 25 has to have an affect  on the music in a rock energy sort of way.
  Overall it is something that did want me to listen again rather than put it away like happens with a lot of the old classic rock bands newer albums released

Your rock candy baby
Your hard sweet and sticky