Topic: Orange MD20 head into a VH140C combo?

I’ve seen some posts about people plugging heads into their combos via the FX loop. I’m waiting on my new MD20 to arrive and trying to decide if I should trade the Vh140 for a cheap cab or use it as a cab.

The VH140 doesn’t necessarily have an FX loop but it has a wet and a dry input. Which input should I use and will I get a signal to both speakers by just using one input? Which output of the MD20 should I use to send the signal? The speaker out or the FX send?

Re: Orange MD20 head into a VH140C combo?

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Re: Orange MD20 head into a VH140C combo?

as far as I know.. you wouldn't be plugging your high powered output of a head into the final stage of another amp via the effects loop.

what you would do is use the combo speaker as an external speaker.. so you'd drop the head on top of the combo an move the speaker cable up.. and wouldn't use the amp in the combo.
conversely if you have a guitar pre-amp that you really like you could possibly put it in the effects loop and  use the final stage of the combo amp.

an Orange MD20 is a highbred amp. with 1 -12AX7 preamp and a 20w solid state output amp.
besides the 2-16ohm impedance wouldn't be right in the effects loop.

what are you really trying to do besides blow up an amp?


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