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Topic: Royal Albert Hall April 26, 2019 Complete Show Video "Remastered"

Here are all the "Remastered" Videos from the April 26, 2019 at the Royal Albert Hall..

https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=P … _UbCVBFiYH

Shot with a Panasonic TZ-101 in 4k from row 2, crop and panned throughout per keyframe, stabilized. Parts of the original clip shot by  Andy Cowan were used to replace parts in my footage that were out of focus or shaky in addition to YouTube uploads by Linda Moke and Nicke Lilltroll. A huge thanks goes out to them for enabling me to make a decent video out of the problem-ridden material I had of this first song that night. The first song is always the hardest as, before it starts, you have no idea of the lighting conditions etc. I had to adjust the camera settings and audio levels quite a lot, especially at the beginning of the song, and the fact that whole row, especially the guy sitting next to me, was  rocking in their seats did not exactly help in keeping the footage steady. Can't blame them, though!

The audio was recorded with a Zoom H1 + Soundman OKM II mics, 96kHz 24-bit (here 512kbps).

Joe Bonamassa - guitar, vocals
Reese Wynans - keyboards
Michael Rhodes - bass
Anton Fig - drums
Jade MacRae - backup vocals
Mahalia Barnes - backup vocals
Paul Cerra - Sax, backup vocals
Lee Thornburg - trumpet

Thanks to Bimbomable for their amazing work remastering a Killer JB show!!!!!


Re: Royal Albert Hall April 26, 2019 Complete Show Video "Remastered"

Thank You!