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Topic: Guitarist's Guitarists or Unknown Guitar Gods

I'll start off by nominating this guy, playing my favorite song.  A song played at my first wife's funeral and for me too down the road by the original band.  This version though is inspiring for people that recognize great playing.


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Forgot how great Robben is....

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There's a lot of big,  big names you can drop on a thread like this, but one guy who's been "under the radar" for the past decade or so who've I've been getting into is Jas Morris.

Jas started off as one of those "Blues prodigies" back in the 00s and had a band,  The Morris Brothers which morphed and shed the Blues skin into a tight, rocking outfit, Firekind. More recently though, Jas has been working on solo, instrumental material and hopefully an album will materialise soon.

Here's a flavour of who I think, is a hidden gem:-
Say What You Feel (original) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UqXJUGDk9DU
Where Were You (Jeff Beck) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ka8JGEAC0Ow


Last night I was pulling some old CDs out for rotation and got immersed in the debut solo album from Suede's Bernard Butler; People Move On. Two things surprised me; how old the album is, 1999 or there abouts and secondly what a surprisingly good player (and singer) he is; probably just under the shadow of Johnny Marr. Explore more of his away-from-Suede stuff, such as the collaborations with David McAlmont and you'll hear he can rev up a deep Mowtown sound too.

All those who believe in psychokenesis raise my hand........

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I'll add Guitar Shorty to the list. Heard him on Slacker Radio not long ago, and hadn't heard of him before. He has some good music and is a real good player.