Re: Keeping the Blues Alive at Sea VI February 18-22, 2020

I got to catch up with Jane on the cruise again this year and talked briefly about the forum and just thought of those non Facebookers that still check in here.

I would never go on a cruise that wasn't KTBA and a number of reasons for that but the reason I keep coming back is special performances and appearances by Joe and others just having fun. … RW1wsdoEGI Tommy Emanuel and Joe

Re: Keeping the Blues Alive at Sea VI February 18-22, 2020

Thanks from a non facebooker  big_smile

Come on the Blades (sorry Idolbone just had to borrow your line)

Re: Keeping the Blues Alive at Sea VI February 18-22, 2020

Not nearly enough time to catch up with Jim m, but great to see him. Have been forum friends since 2003 but never met in person till my first cruise in 18.
Glad to have gotten this one in  a few weeks ago!!!!

I have to find my schedule to refresh my memory on some of the shows. Its really just so much going on  all day and half the night that its a blur.

There were some rougher seas on the night before last day, they took down the outdoor pool deck stage and rearranged the last day's schedule to move all shows indoors. The boat was really rockin...luckily it didn't make me too queasy, I was taking Bonine and I was so hungover the last day I didnt drink much. It was interesting just walking though but the acts still played on. We got back to Miami port the middle of the night rather than next morning and it was calmer then.

Anyway I did get to go to the little presentation Joe did with Caveman Kevin Shirley. It was interesting and enjoyable and Kevin seemed to be enjoying it and it was cool hearing what he had to say. It would have been great if it were longer. They had a big screen that was displaying what was on his laptop. It was kind of hard to look at the screen as it was moving so it did make me a little queasy. Anyway he was showing the different separated parts of the song. and then playing some of the bits while talking about them. I don't recall a lot of the specifics but they talked a long time about Sloe Gin. Some was talking about picking the song and the bits Kevin had put together to introduce the song to Joe. I think it had Doug Henthorn...and there was some orchestra parts in there that aren't in the final version.
HE talked about adding in the siren first was just the police siren but wasn't quite right so he actually added in other types of sirens and some background noise. He detailed many things about the song but there was obviously so much more than they got to. It definitely put a lot of stuff in to perspective for me. I mean I knew a lot went in to them but not as much as really does and the specifics etc. Joe talked about not being sure he could pull off the song etc. He talked about first time playing it was right around first time i heard it. It was Hargerstown Western MD blues fest...right away after a few notes you just really knew was great song.

they talked a little about Black Rock and then about the new song COnversation with Alice which I mentioned in the other thread. then played the rough cut of the song for us. They answered a few questions but were running out of time. One funny thing is someone mentioned how the siren in Sloe Gin scares us when driving if listening...Kevin said it got him as well as on one of the drafts he was listening to driving.
Anyway I don't know if they recorded it or will put up on y0utube. There was another Q and A that Joe did with Buddy Guy and maybe some others but I didnt catch those. You really have to pick and choose which events you go to. I missed a number of bands as it was but was glad I did go to this presentation they did.

I'll come back when I find what i did with my schedule to summarize some more.

Re: Keeping the Blues Alive at Sea VI February 18-22, 2020

Thanks Jane!!

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