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Ticket presale for Detroit is tomorrow. How do I get a code?

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I'm a very new member, joined today. Been trying all day to figure out how and where to get presales codes after getting the email about tickets going on sale for Kansas City show.  Been listening to Joe since my late best buddy turned me on to his music 12 years ago. Been a fan ever since. Wanting to take my son. It'll be our 1st concert together and I cannot think of anyone better to see than Joe Bonamassa!! It's too funny that he thought he found this kickass guitar player that I had never heard of.  Kind of a bucket list thing for me since I've always wanted to catch a show and now go with my son.  I promised him we'd go some day after we missed his Topeka show.
This is a first for me as far as presales codes. Never heard of it til today.  Guess that shows how long it's been since I've bought tickets or even went to a show. 
So exactly how do you get the codes?  I really don't want to wait til Saturday morning. I'm afraid of not being able to get tickets.

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Well pre sale codes are email blasted out to those on the news letter email
They went out just minutes before the pre sale started.
They are posted  on one of many Joe Facebook pages
And several places here on the forum.

Try reading here … 09&p=2


(If only I had 1% of Joe's guitar talent)