Topic: Travers Brothership

There are so many influences going on with this group, two brothers out of North Carolina and why have I not heard of them before ? This whole release is just outstanding !!! ............. I get to see them 4/27 at the Cavern in Pelham TN, get this they will open for Walter Trout followed by Eric Gales. What a show this should be huh, hope my legs hold up cause you have to park and then walk about a half mile downhill into the cavern. Check out a couple from their new release, I listened to all of it last night and really love the groove they have going on

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Re: Travers Brothership

I was at their first European gig in Hamburg and was hooked from the first second!!!
These guys are amazing and I'm very glad to see them four times here in Germany.
Here is a video from the first gig in Europe/Germany/Hamburg: