Topic: tickets for amsterdam 1st and 2nd May (great place)

due to a personnal problem, I must sell with big regrets my places for 2 concerts in Amsterdam.
there are great place

1st may
row 3
seat 19

2nd may
row 2
seat 17

both are e tickets and will be sent by e mail.
No profit, I'm selling them only for fans at the ticket price which is 209 € each tickets

Don't hesitate to contact me :

payment by paypal

thanx a lot

Re: tickets for amsterdam 1st and 2nd May (great place)

lucia97 wrote:

any warranties?

there are e-tickets
i'm a fan so no profit, selling them due to a serious personal problem.

what would you like as warranty please ?

thank you

Re: tickets for amsterdam 1st and 2nd May (great place)

Jane H. wrote:

hey bertrandp2002, i banned that user and deleted their post as spam....we've gotten a bunch recently...gave them a few days but went ahead and got rid of them since you have your email address in the post, they can still contact you if they were legit.
good luck with the ticket, sorry you can't use them but thanks for offering them here, and welcome to the forum big_smile

thank you very much for your answer.
sorry I did not present on the forum but usually I never speak on forum. I'm very sad to can't go to the show ( coming frome France) but I prefer to sell them at the real price at some fans.
thanx a lot for your help