Topic: Chicago Theater 3/8/2019

Some Killer videos from this night...sadly only partials!!

Partial Songs..Mostly Guitar parts!!

"Blues of Desperation"

"Well, Well"

"Nobody Loves Me But My Mother"

"How Many More Times"

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Re: Chicago Theater 3/8/2019

I attended both shows in Chicago last weekend and both were quite enjoyable. It seemed like there was a bit more fire on Saturday but that could’ve been my proximity to the stage. We were a few rows closer and shows are always better up close! We were about 10 back on Friday and 6 on Saturday. Set lists the same as reported. Missing the old arrangement of Mt. Time but still nice to hear.

On Friday night our row only 5 had people in it and the row in front of us had 2! Crazy people not showing up. Then on Saturday we had to suffer through all the drunks coming in late. I think it took about 3 songs for everybody to get settled. So infuriating! And they just stand there! Then they sit, then they get up and shuffle, and then we start yelling, etc. lol It was a full house on Saturday.

On Saturday we caught Joe coming out of the theater but he was trying to be incognito and moving fast. I held fast against the building but gave a little cheer. Barely a nod was returned. No surprise there. Finally had the opportunity to meet Reese and Anton! What an honor! They were very gracious with the fans (as are all the band members) and posed for pics. Also said hi to Lee, Paulie, Roy and Michael.

Fun weekend!