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Any suggestions on food and drinks pre show? Not that familiar with this area of Baltimore

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hey I'll be going too and also not too familiar with downtown. Last time some of us met up at Ryleighs Oyster bar or something cause it was real close. for another show there Cathy and I ate at this place with like 200 different beers or something that was within a block or so.
I prob wont get back to looking into it until after the cruise but also concerned less with where we meet up than just being able to see some old friends and meet ones I havent yet smile
so if anyone has suggestions please post them here otherwise I'll try to come up with ideas in a couple weeks

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Totally agree with you on that. Cant wait to meet /see people.  Will also be getting a room , we are from Gettysburg and certainly don’t want to drive afterwards. Safe travels have fun!

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Please let us know if people are gathering someplace before the show. CAN'T WAIT!!!! Haven't seen Joe since Red Rocks 2017 WAY OVER DUE LOL

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I'll be there from Annapolis!  Love to meet up before the show.  I vote for somewhere as close to the theater as possible - not expecting anything fancy.  Happy to hear ideas from the locals!

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sally12333 wrote:

I'll be there from Annapolis!  Love to meet up before the show.  I vote for somewhere as close to the theater as possible - not expecting anything fancy.  Happy to hear ideas from the locals!

Sounds good to us!

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even though I am local I don't go downtown much...mostly just for shows ! big_smile
I looked at the map though and this place seems to be closest
Cathy and i had a bite to eat and i had a few beers there...they have a large selection of all sorts of beers
we only tried a few menus item and they were OK IIRC...its a franchise
we found it when going to see Winwood at the lyric a couple years ago. it was literally right there when we walked out of the garage we parked in and was just a block from Lyric

thats my best suggestion for now but I will see what else i can dig up between now and then. i don't know what time I will be able to get there yet though and not a fan of trying to set a reservation but if its just the few of us it should work out

I'll maybe make some calls when get a chance and post back

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Jane H. wrote:

hey I'll be going too and also not too familiar with downtown. Last time some of us met up at Ryleighs Oyster bar or something cause it was real close. for another show there Cathy and I ate at this place with like 200 different beers or something that was within a block or so.
I prob wont get back to looking into it until after the cruise but also concerned less with where we meet up than just being able to see some old friends and meet ones I havent yet smile
so if anyone has suggestions please post them here otherwise I'll try to come up with ideas in a couple weeks

Maybe see you there

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cool, please let me know Ron. Hey everyone i found a few other choices within a couple blocks or so...
will try to get more details and post up this weekend.
Red Emma's is a bookstore coffee house with vegetarian food, not sure if they have beer etc but its a really nice place and a great local establishment. then I was reading about the mt vernon tavern i think its or not much food and cash only but apparently a really cool place with good drinks and laid back happy atmosphere with really good reviews. then late last night i looked at another map and saw lots of other choices. and maybe will call Lyric and get their opinion / recommendation/ i might not be able to get there till 630ish though just not clear just yet..playing catch up from cruise vac big_smile

looks like just resale tix on ticketmaster right now other than a few platinum ones. is so different now with local folks knowing Joe compared back in the day. My friend who went on cruise works downtown and has been getting questions about her tan from vaca and most of the time folks are excited to tell her they know Joe - and also learn about the cruises

looking forward to it!!!

Re: Baltimore 3-15 looks like the brass tap is the easiest...its also right where the parking garage is...i don't know if anyone wante dto make reservations...i won't really know when i can get there till that evening but am shooting for 630 PM and we all know the show starts at 8 but its right down the block. I have a couple local friends meeting up there too probably. Like I said there are other places in walking distance that might be a little more unique but this is the closest.
Also i think the Lyric site said they open doors 90 mins before the show and they have some drinks in the lobby too.

this parking info is from the Lyric website and the brass tap just told me the same thing about parking


A limited number of parking spaces are available along Mount Royal Avenue (including several handicapped accessible locations) and other nearby streets.  Please carefully check the associated signage for information about time and availability.

All parking garages are privately owned. The Lyric’s official garage is Fitzgerald Garage on Oliver Street (between Mt. Royal Avenue and Maryland Avenue at 80 West Oliver Street  Baltimore  21201).  The Garage is a block north of The Lyric.

Parking for some events is also available at the Cathedral Street Garage (located a block south of the theatre). The Symphony Center Garage, adjacent to Park Avenue (about two blocks south of the theatre) is another nearby garage.
Parking garage prices vary and are determined by the individual parking lot operator.

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gee whiz...get email form the venue....

We strongly urge all patrons to arrive at least ONE HOUR before showtime due to enhanced security procedures.

The show runs approximately 2 hours and 15 minutes with no intermission.

To contribute to the safety and quality of your experience, all guests will undergo enhanced security procedures, including bag checks and metal detection.
Please review our prohibited items, which includes mace/pepper spray, outside food & beverages and backpacks/oversized bags.

Prohibited Items:

Please review the complete list of prohibited items below to make entry to the venue as quick as possible to fully enjoy all the Modell Lyric has to offer before each show!

1-  No Backpacks (Unless being used as a diaper bag but must be searched.

2- No Weapons of Any Kind:  Knives, Guns, Tasers, Pepper Spray, Mace, Batons etc.

    Armed Law enforcement must report to security at the doors to sign in.

3- No outside food or drink

4- No illegal drugs

5- No laser pointers

6- No professional cameras (any cameras with detachable lens or digital cameras that extends more than 3”

7- No I Pads or tablets

8- No audio or video equipment or tripods

9- No selfie sticks, go pro’s, sticks or poles

10- No balloons

11- No pets – Certified Service Animals

12- No Drones

**Note: The Lyric Will Not check or store above items.

Our concessions will be open and ready to serve you with a premium selection of beverages from top-shelf liquors, premium wines and beer. All your favorite Coke products are available and popcorn and candy too!"

I'm still going to try to get to the Brass Tap
sredding, i have to meet you this time!!! I'm changing my avatar to a pic of me. if we don't meet at brass tap maybe once inside the venue......will try to stand somewhere...maybe to the left or right of the merch table????
Not sure what going to wear but leaning toward roadcase Joe shirt big_smile

I know Joe always starts on time but if folks are still trying to get in I hope he cuts some slack due to increased security and folks coming from work etc!

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JANE!!!!! Hey LADY  so look forward to meeting you and again THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO for all of us and the forum! I'll be the one walking funny !  Back went out this past weekend  BUT wouldn't miss it for the world. LOL  Most likely we will be going straight to the Modell - Not sure exactly what time we might get into Baltimore now. Safe travels see ya tomorrow!

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cool i see your picture! if don't see you before show will try to hang by merch table on way out until they give us the boot
safe travels
might rain a little, i hope the Lyric doesn't confiscate my Joe B. umbrella!!!

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WOw best show ever!!!!!

I have to hit the road today but I will be back to say more!!!
Suzette, I never did see you...Brass Tap was packed and didn't get to venue till about 7:30 or so but I did look around and call out your name a few times.
omg such a great time
I'll be back..... big_smile!!!!

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Jane!!!! So happy for you! Yes you are a legend to all of us

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Last Kiss

THIS..... Nobody Loves Me … 164542732/ ...........................

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reo l wrote:

Last Kiss

THIS..... Nobody Loves Me … 164542732/ ...........................

JANE!!! Congrats on the shout out!!!!
My heart is BROKEN lol. Ended up in the ER with my back out , couldn’t walk!!!
My husband took a friend of ours that has not seen Joe. Which is cool
Besides not able to see Joe it was a double bummer , my husband was right behind YOU guy in the orange hat and bibs - he didn’t realize it was you until the shout out.
We would have been sitting together!!!!
So happy fior you and of course a great show

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Oh no Suzette! And Sally was right there too! I so hope you got some relief for your back. That sucks!!!
I think Cathy missed it to from transportation issue..didn't see her after she texted me she might not make it sad

sorry to say but the rest of us had too much fun, at least I did!

Yes Joe gave me most awesome shout out, i about died! Was having such a great time...I heard him say my name I jumped up and screamed THATS ME!!! pointed at myself and danced around then turned around so the whole theater could see who he was talking about. So thrilled RoadcaseBoy captured it smile .!!!! (Thank you for everything!!!!! best good time Bonabuddy!!!!) My friend since 7th grade (and going to Joe shows with me since 2003) was there but sitting at other end of row. She told me she jumped up and shouted thats my daughter's Godmother!!! Thanks for everyone being so nice to me ad happy about it for me. It was such a happy thing big_smile !!. OMG still flipping out, thank you Joe!!! then he later said I was a legend on instagram OMG!!! …
also so nice to hear Joe talk about playing in MD...the one guy you can hear had a bit more to drink than me, he had a WTMD hat on, which is in Towson voice was already a bit hoarse...but you can hear me scream THATS ME and hard to hear but Joe says something like go ahead and stand up so they can see you, I already was dancing around lol WOOOOHOOOOO
sold out show...

That was really just the icing on the cake....what a great show. This band just gets better!!!
I had a great afternoon and preshow hang with special friends...the weather was beautiful although a little warm for March. The Lyric had prosecco...on tap! a whole keg of it! I ordered two but I think got two doubles..might have helped me get a bit more excited....been feeling a bit run down, could have used a nap before showtime but got a second wind and once the band started rockin i started feeling much better and man its amazing what being at that kind of show does for making me feel better..
I was just thinking...the Lyric had pretty roomy/comfy seats too compared to some places...idk...had row C - 6th row , on Joe's side.
he was on fire the whole show of course. He also had me crying a few times ...Sloe Gin usually does that but man the whole place started singing I'm so Damn Lonely...i thought was just me, it kind of just slipped out me screaming that then i realized everyone else was too, I think ? big_smile it just made it more emotional and healing with that song. the whole show was just super high energy on stage and in audience I thought.

I did try to write set list but looking at it now its a bit hard to decipher....i wrote over top a couple....was writing on ticket thing that wasn't blank so I might get it wrong...thought it seemed to be a bit different than some of the other recent setlists and wasn't sure what to expect. Wow so many songs now, but none that I wished I had heard more than what he was playing at each moment. I think everyone had at least a short solo but forget where exactly but so much talent.
First time hearing Woke Up Dreaming in a while and I know many in the house had heard him do this years'd think now that he's getting some years on him it wouldn't be the same big_smile but I think it was the fastest I ever heard him play that one!!! I don't know but it sure seemed impossible to think he ever played that faster...smokin!

really enjoyed the latest soling on Mountain Time...quite different but excellent. lots of guitar thrills. I didn't write down all the guitars but the fancy black one with the shiny bling...Johnny A...two different strats?...Tele...

Last Kiss was off the hook too and did have so much high energy as discussed in other threads...I was almost wore out after that big_smile

Oh yeah Nobody Loves Me but my Mother...I don't always get into that one so much but another emotional moment but just such great performance was all sorts of emotions...Blues of Desperation...Self Inflicted Wounds... these songs just slay me but also sort of motivational blues...i dunno how to explain

not sure this is right
Tiger in Your Tank
King Bee Shakedown
Evil Mama
Just Cause You Can
Self Inflicted Wounds
This Train
Blues Of Desperation
No Good Place for the Lonely
Sloe Gin
then i think it was the intros/shout out and my brain was no good after that!
Well Well
I Get Evil
Nobody Loves Me But My Mother
Little Girl
Last Kiss
Woke Up Dreaming
Mountain Time

what a thrill of a show...nice so close after the cruise for me, was fortunate to experience that but am grateful for every Baltimore show, even the couple i had to many great shows for various reasons beyond the performance...hard to say any better than my previous best show ever, 11-10-2015 but this one with the shout out and great show wow wow
going to be hard wait till my next show. thank you thank you thank you Joe!

oh and saw Bmore Bonamaniac afterward, it had been a while and finally got to meet his mother...they were both wearing the same vintage cartoon Joe shirt, not planned , so great to see them. I didn't want the night to end but was truly exhausted and they kicked us out quite quick. and saw a woman who works there we had a great convo with last time and got selfie with before, was great to see her again, forgot her name already

yay yay yay !!!!!
smile !!!!!