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I am looking forward to seeing Joe yet again who should start bang on time as usual.The new album Redemption sounds great to me.The backing singers have taken the music to another level IMO.I dare say a lot of fans may prefer the raw blues,and long riffs he's famous for,but i think its good to give it a go with a show,which for me takes it up another notch.Good to see him not resting on his laurels.So far iv'e never seen a poor show,and feel sure this will be as good as the rest he's done.Roll on October.

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Re: BIC in october

Look forward to hearing about your next show! FWIW i am in the category of loving what Joe's doing too but i want to point out a fan can like the long riffs but not be such a fan of the raw blues stuff big_smile Rock n Roll!

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Welcome to the forum. Enjoy the show, then give us a report please.

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