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Come on then Jane, as you appear to be the only forum member with the new CD you’ll have to give us a review!


He took it all too far,
but boy, could he play guitar.

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Re: Redemption announced

Sorry, I have been meaning to! #forumfirst smile
It's been a crazy 24 hours......not many listens...not all the way without distraction....but jamming right now!
Great album....all good songs...already liked the ones they gave the.vids of
I'd like to get my thoughts together but the chances are slim smile
I really like Deep in the Blues, Pick Up the Pieces,  a bit different Joe maybe big_smile maybe a hit....
I totally relate to the songs and it's one of few that have a whole album feel for me
Stronger Now in Broken Places was a nice surprise too. Very beautiful music..but still a heavy theme.
Nobody can say there is too much guitar on the album....
One weird thing I, these two little Zeppelin sounding spots...why? No big just curious to me

It's great to be able to crank up this thing. Redemption , Self Inflicted Wounds, Evil Mama epic.....
Nothing I think can call hard rock but the blues are ether hopping or rockin so I dig it
Very glad time I thought maybe last minute I didn't get as early as some but I just made the order last week I think

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Got mine yesterday as well, just peeled the wrapper off now!

You only get to hear it for the first time once...then hear it over and over again!


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Ok I'm no good at this lol
Evil Mama is pretty solid Rock. Love the serious solo too .I had only watched the video a couple times and not for a while
So yeah on another spin
King Bee cool solo too...don't know where the other guitarists are. I usually have to make myself tune into the solos
Ok now Molly o, actually yeah pretty heavy rock
I'll be back big_smile

Re: Redemption announced have the standard CD for £10.99, deluxe at £12.99 and vinyl at £19.99.
No bonus tracks unfortunately.


He took it all too far,
but boy, could he play guitar.

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I received my copy Sunday and have listened countless times. In depth comment on every song is not my bag. My 10,000 foot view is I think the complete work is awesome. I think it’s his best thus far. Cheers Ron

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Re: Redemption announced

I ordered my copy from Target.
At first they wanted $25 to ship to Canada,  I said NO.

Then I decided to send it to my brother in Buffalo.
Not only did I get free shipping, I got  the CD for  $12usd.

Bad news is... didn't know my brother would be In Europe when delivering time is scheduled.

I hope it's in his mail box when he gets home Tuesday


(If only I had 1% of Joe's guitar talent)

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Re: Redemption announced

Really like Deep in the Blues Again . Som much quality in these songs and how they make me feel but this is one I like to turn up and repeat
I can hear different guitar parts in there when I focus...not sure who playing what though
Love the driving beat ......good driving song but also sorta a one horsepower big_smile

I forget what song right now but one part I thought huh is that the Bova orchestra stuff but don't see in the credits....curious what is...guitar...keys.....idk...will try to find again

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Joe is going to be on Sirius Satellite Radio tomorrow, Friday Sept. 21st, at 12 noon EDT to play some of the Redemption album and also play some songs by other artists that he really likes...might be very interesting...

Re: Redemption announced

pat6put6man wrote:

Joe is going to be on Sirius Satellite Radio tomorrow, Friday Sept. 21st, at 12 noon EDT to play some of the Redemption album and also play some songs by other artists that he really likes...might be very interesting...

Ooo....I wonder if I can find that in the UK?

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Re: Redemption announced

can't get enough.....just got the Target version
solid three more songs and fit well with the album IMHO
Black Roses really rocks, and again some Blues i totally relate to
then you get the whole band version of Stronger now in Broken places...very good but the
regular album version is stellar, less sounds but infinite more emotion. nice to have the other version but can't touch the stripped down version...
then Somewhere Down the Road...again Joe are you writing these songs for me? get outta my head!!! smile i think a Hendrix guitar vibe esp. in the beginning

Great quality overall, not sure how would place in faves but an excellent follow up to Blues of Desperation....but its not a II, or a 2 big_smile

Evil Mama - could be me smile
King Bee sting like it anywhere but would love to hear a one two on the cruise with Kenny Wayne Shepherd and Noah Hunt sitting in with Joe's band and doing I'm A King Bee then the Shakedown, oh yeah! fun song
Molly O' - O yeah
Deep in the Blues Again - this is my life
Self-Inflicted Wounds - this is my life!!!
Ghost of Macon Jones - excellent, love the guest singing by Jamey Johnson...not so much when with Joe together but more by himself  - look forward to trying to listen over and over with all the layers etc...all the songs really
Just Cos You Can Don't Mean You Should - this SHOULD be my life lol
Redemption - how long till the top of the mountain????? SAVE ME!!!!!!!...I'm going to boldly proclaim the best song on the album but its VERY hard to rate these
I've Got Some Mind Over What Matters - again this should be my life big_smile if this album doesn't help me redeem myself i don't think anything can
Stronger Now in Broken Places - been there done that but now got some new broken places to repair....I think prob the best of Joe's songs in this style/speed
Love is a Gamble - the truthiest truth in a great song - have to go back to this one its gotten the least play so far just being at the end.

other 3 see above

Well deserved for a huge award IMHO, not that others haven't been but this one shan't be denied IMO
and not just in the Blues category...the big did that one quote go - anybody who's anybody really - they should be shakin in their boots!!!!

oh yeah the Target edition has an extra one page insert with the lyrics/credits for the bonus songs

Re: Redemption announced

Thanks Jane.

Free download from Vienna!
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Thank you Jane! Excellent review as always!

And here is mine.

Disclaimer: had to gather all my strengths to listen to the album from the beginning to the end - yes, it hits that close to home.

Here I go: raw unedited opinion after first listen

1. Evil Mama - OMFG - loving it. Oustanding. Lyrics, music,  everything - you nailed it!!!!!

2.King Bee Shakedown - buzzing - AAAA - awesome. Great. Just great #youshookme

3. Molly  O - no. Big no. Flaccid. Missing something substantial. Don't no what - but this hanging on one note is wrong. Love the lyrics though.

4. Deep in the Blues Again - another no from me , but a different kind.  Great song but maybe better acoustic? I don't know. Something missing.

5. Self-inflicted Wounds - it is a song about my life - so I better bow and listen.

6. Pick Up the Pieces - love,. love, love this song. Remember my english teacher here - " When you pronounce "P' in English - imagine you blowing the candle: "Ppppp"  pieces....  Phick Up the Pieces... I love you JOe....

7. The Ghost of Macon Jones - my favorite song. Love dual male vocal harmonies. Everything about this song is perfect. My favorite song of the album.

8. Just 'Cos YOu Can - A HIT. YEASSSS> Can I scream into you face Joe - """"""""""">>>>> it's me screaming ..... smile

9. Redemption. Hmmm... Greatt song. But too much gas on chorus. This IS a male song. Had to stay this way. Didn't need those high notes. Great music though.

10. I've Got Some Mind Over What Matters - I've bought my first plaid shirt because of JOE. Yes Joe - you are that powerful. LOVE YOU.

11. - have no words except if I ever  want to kill myself - this will be the song that I will crank up.

12. Love is a Gamble - sure is. And you are always winning JOE!!! Blues eluxe feel to bit.... love it... Thank you Joe, Band,  Kevin....

Re: Redemption announced

I’ve been burning this album up all day.  I freaking love it.  I actually think this may be his best album to date!   Well done Joe.

Re: Redemption announced

Still needs more listens but I probably agree with the best album to date. big_smile

Come on the Blades (sorry Idolbone just had to borrow your line)

Re: Redemption announced

Wow! This album is fantastic....Love It!

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Re: Redemption announced

Just walked into Sunrise Records Canada.

Redemption is selling for $24.99 cdn!!!!



(If only I had 1% of Joe's guitar talent)

Re: Redemption announced

Redemption is one GREAT album. Joe is the best!!!!