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Topic: Living With A Dark Lord - Shaun's story

Before you all run off, I'm NOT going all “Gothic” on you, so stick around. Look on this as more "spamming", but with a social conscience. In fact, this is to bring to your attention a play; a play written by the family of a young Northeast man, Shaun, coping with autism. Shaun’s particular autism has manifested itself with Shaun no longer speaking and wearing a cloak; assuming the mantle of “The Dark Lord” over the past 15 years. The play, written by his 3 sisters charts the impact of this altered persona, not just the darker aspects but also the brighter sparks of “hilarity and unexpected wisdom.” Experts can’t tell you what causes autism, but the only people on whom it impacts can tell the full story, dismissing the myths and giving the reality.

The hardest part has been done, the play is written; what the family are looking for now is funding for the opportunity to stage and register the play. The goal is £2,500 and though at time of writing £1,900 has been reached there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be smashed completely.

For more information, go to:- https://www.gofundme.com/livingwithadarklord and help out if you can; or at the very least, share the link/story on social media and spread the word.
Thank you.

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