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Topic: Get close to Joe's sound on a budget

So by chance I came across this pedal from Hermida Audio called the Tiki Drive and wow! if you skip ahead in the video to about three seventeen and then to eight minutes it nails Joe's sound pretty nicely (and you won't have to buy an army of vintage tweeds to get it). Anyway just my two cents but it sounds pretty close to me.


Re: Get close to Joe's sound on a budget

OK so a lot of looks but seems nobody feels the same way about thos pedal (this is the most polite forum I have ever been on by far). I guess I misspoke when I mentioned Joe's tweeds. I really have the Silver Jubilee tone in my head as"Joe's Tone" and it always will be that. I thought this pedal came pretty darn close... Maybe I've been standing too close to my amps all these years. Anyhow here's another clip. Sounds like Joe to me as soon as he turns the pedal on.


Re: Get close to Joe's sound on a budget

Jube or tweed or this pedal or that or this guitar or that or........it’s still easier to SOUND like Joe than to PLAY like Joe. He just has that Xx, as in eXxtra knockout punch...

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