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I had heard of these guys a couple of years ago. Totally stoked to see they were on the boat. Their first sets were during other shows and caught a couple of songs. The more I talked to people on the boat getting rave reviews I made it a point to catch their last set on the last day. I wasn't the only one who had heard they were a not to be missed act.

They were a real change up from the in your face blues rock. Great songs, vocals and playing. Reminded many times of Little Feat. Their arrangements and beats and tempos. They are Canadian and don't get to the States much. Watch for them.

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They were fantastic...also, very nice young men...definitely going places...

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UK tour for November 2019 currently brewing:-

Nov13 Wed Derby, The Flowerpot
Nov14 Thu London, Islington Assembly Hall
Nov16 Sat Sheffield, Hubs (Sheffield Hallam University SU)
Nov17 Sun Glasgow, Stereo
Nov18 Mon Manchester, Night & Day Cafe
Nov19 Tue Bristol, The Fleece

Highly recommended to be checked out if you've never heard them....

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24 hours after I went on break, would you believe it, the announced they were starting their UK tour a day early to squeeze in a special request show at Ashington (where half of the band has already played solo slots..).

Managed this morning to get my tickets (after a bit nervous sweating), can report [to those in my vicinity] as of 11am today,  only 11 tickets remain for what promises to be a gig of sheer class....

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Lucky you!  The new album comes out in November, right?

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Curby wrote:

Lucky you!  The new album comes out in November, right?

The album  '87 is available pre-order now for despatch 27th Sept. There's a special edition CD, hardbound with 36 page booklet at about $20 or coloured vinyl plus various bundles.

Since I managed a ticket by the proverbial skin, I hope to get a signed one from the band on the night.

Edit - 5th Sept - now SOLD OUT

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US Tour,  2019:-

Sep 14, 2019
Americana Music Fest   Nashville, TN

Oct 10, 2019
Turf Club  St Paul, MN

Oct 11, 2019
CSPS Hall  Cedar Rapids, IA

Oct 12, 2019
FitzGerald's Bar  Berwyn, IL

Oct 13, 2019
Ignition Music Garage  Goshen, IN

Oct 15, 2019
The Ark  Ann Arbor, MI

Oct 16, 2019
Thunderbird Cafe & Music Hall  Pittsburgh, PA

Oct 18, 2019
The Studio  Hamilton, Canada

Oct 19, 2019
The Drake Hotel  Toronto, ON  Sold Out

Oct 21, 2019
Mercury Lounge  New York, NY

Oct 22, 2019
Rams Head On Stage  Annapolis, MD

Oct 23, 2019
The Hamilton Live  Washington, DC

Oct 24, 2019
City Winery  Philadelphia, PA

Mainland Europe:-
Nov 21, 2019
Melkweg  Amsterdam, Netherlands

Nov 22, 2019
SPOT / De Oosterpoort  Groningen, Netherlands

Nov 23, 2019
Orangehouse  Munich, Germany

Nov 24, 2019
NOCHTWACHE  Hamburg, Germany

Nov 26, 2019
Dexter  Odense, Denmark

Nov 27, 2019
Auster Club  Berlin, Germany

Nov 28, 2019
Luxor  Cologne, Germany

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It's with a heavy heart that my beloved band, The Bros. Landreth, have fallen victim to the sophomore blues syndrome.

'87 simply pales next to their outstanding first release, nor even to Joey Landreth's solo efforts.  The songs have a recycled feel to them and the one song that's pretty darn good might get challenged in court by the Lowell George estate.

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Finally got my copy - in time for next week's gig.

I wouldn't be so hard on it overall; sure there are no great surprises, and as you say, track 3 sounds more like Little Feat than Little Feat ever did. I think the album should have come with some sort of notification as to NOT to play it LOUD, certainly the acoustic numbers grow as you really sit and listen rather than let them pin you in your favourite chair. That said, there's a couple of numbers that will get an audience jumping.

Maybe in places, the writing is a little "sappy", but the execution of the songs can't be faulted; not only emotive vocals but the harmonies from brothers Landreth added to the guitar of Ariel Posen, Ryan Voth’s drums, and Darryl Havers piano. I'm not sure how the production was done, but it sounds so much like you're in the room with them as they're recording; so light, so subtle, so good.

Maybe not THE best album of 2019, but a strong runner in my book.

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It was shaping up to be one of those nights; cold, wet, inky-black; like the insides of a dead cat. The first and welcome sign of succour in the town was the twinkling green neon of The Old Ash Dene where we availed ourselves of the pizza-night fayre.

Refreshed and sated, it was a short walk back down to The White House where a warmer welcome awaited and we took our seats for probably the most hotly anticipated gig of the year, Joey Landreth was back in town, by his own insistence and he brought the whole Bros. Landreth band along as a special (and deserved) thank you not only to organiser Mike Slaughter but to the fans in the town for their consistent support. There’s so much love and respect for Joey and the band, I wouldn’t be surprised next time I’m in town if there’s a statue of him in the shopping precinct on Station Rd where Jackie Milburn’s used to stand…

So, once seated, and Mike Slaughter’s customery welcome, the evening got off to a fine start with a warm-up set by young Canadian singer/songwriter Liam Duncan making his UK debut. And a fine first impression he made, accompanying himself on acoustic guitar, he did a set of self-described sad songs from his debut album and upcoming EP as well as a fine cover of Springsteen’s Highway 29 (from the Tom Joad album). Just to highlight the strength of Liam’s performance; not only was he the opener for the evening, he was also the keyboard player for the Bros. (And when I say the Bros. I don’t mean a certain pair of twins on the comeback trail.)

And what of the Manitoba siblings? What else can you say other than absolute class from start to finish. I mean, earlier in the year I near raved about Joey’s solo show, but fill out the band to a four-piece using Liam’s keyboards was one thing, but the real lift was with the fraternal harmonies coming from Davy Landreth, doubling on bass guitar. I don’t think I’m pushing the boat out here if I make a CSN comparison. This peaked mid-set when Davy, Joey & Liam did a couple of songs including Salvation Bound near acapella round a condenser microphone. While the harmonies were a big part of the sound, a lot came down to the magic that is Joey’s work on the slide guitar and the dual he had with Liam’s piano work on Got To Be You was bayou rock heaven; swear there were catfish swimming between the tables..

No prizes, the set was a blend of their two albums, the newer ‘87 and their debut, the classic Let It Lie and because somehow, these Canadian maestro can condense so much musical quality into so concise albums, nobody objected to the band running through Cryin’ from Joey’s Hindsight album, nor did they even demur Liam Duncan coming forward to do another song from his If I Don’t Feel Better album, this time with Bros. Landreth as his backing band.

Whether you call this Alt. Country or Folk Rock is up to you. The undeniable thing is that this deceptively easy-going style these guys have just oozes pure quality from start to finish - which comes all too soon. There are some folks thought it wouldn’t happen after Davy & Joey decided to put the band on hiatus around 2015,  and then there’s the booming ascendency of Joey’s solo career, with two cracking albums to his credit but that doesn’t mean the brothers stopped working together and this album and tour are the fruit of their regained perspective, this time with added confidence and experience.

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From Stereo; Glasgow:-

Got To be You -

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November / December Europe & UK dates for Brothers Landreth 10th Anniversary of Let It Lie : -

NOV 20 MON Posten @ 8:00pm  Odense C, Denmark
NOV 21 TUE Amager Bio @ 8:00pm  Copenhagen, Denmark
NOV 23 THU Blues Garage @ 8:00pm  Hannover, Germany
NOV 24 FRI KENT Club @ 8:00pm  Hamburg, Germany
NOV 25 SAT Luxor @ 8:00pm  Köln, Germany
NOV 27 MON Paradiso @ 8:00pm  Amsterdam, Netherlands
NOV 28 TUE Hall of Fame @ 8:00pm  Tilburg, Netherlands
NOV 29 WED Doornroosje @ 8:00pm  Nijmegen, Netherlands

DEC 01 FRI  London, Cadogan Hall
DEC 02 SAT  Nottingham, The Rescue Rooms
DEC 03 SUN Glasgow, The Classic Grand
DEC 04 MON Leeds, Old Woollen
DEC 05 TUE  Manchester, Gorilla
DEC 07 THU  Bristol, Thekla

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