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Back in 2005, Joe played at Mr Kyps in Poole, Dorset - I remember seeing him there in 2007, which changed my life forever.
Joe famously returned to the venue in 2015 for a 10 year anniversary concert (

Sadly, the venue is closing down. Many of you would have seen Joe perform there in either '05, '07 or '15, so thought you might be interested to know that a significant part of Joe history will be no more after June. … velopment/

Jamming with Joe and Bernie Marsden:

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Re: Mr Kyps Closure (Joe's First Ever UK Gig)

That's too bad.  It was one of those places I always wanted to see.  I have a live recording that was done there back in 2005 or 2006 and it is one of my favorites.

Russ-how the heck are you?  2013 seems like a lifetime ago.


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Re: Mr Kyps Closure (Joe's First Ever UK Gig)

For Bournemouth (and the south of England in general) it's a huge loss. We've lost venue after venue over the past few years, and this is pretty much the final nail in the coffin for live music in our local area. There are so many amazing memories associated with Mr Kyps for me, particularly this!

I'm doing alright thank you Sandy, how are you?
I'm now a fully qualified music teacher, working at a school in Bournemouth which is going well!
Since I've last been on here, my rock band has disbanded, but I've been on the strangest roller-coaster playing the violin and releasing an album with my new band, Black Water County. Our album can be found on Spotify here if anyone fancies having a listen:

Hope you and everyone else on here is well!

Jamming with Joe and Bernie Marsden:

Re: Mr Kyps Closure (Joe's First Ever UK Gig)

hey Russ! thanks for the post, yeah that is sad 
thanks for the article and the update with you too!

Re: Mr Kyps Closure (Joe's First Ever UK Gig)

Yes it's sad to see Kyps having to close. Have seen some great shows there over the years. First time seeing Joe in 2006, Glenn Hughes, Scott McKeon, The Temperance Movement ... to name just a few. Hopefully live music will still be part of the Poole Bournemouth scene in some form.

Great to hear from you Russ.  We already have your CD!

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Re: Mr Kyps Closure (Joe's First Ever UK Gig)

Kyp's security guy, Les, emailed us a few months ago telling us about the eventual closing. It's so sad to hear. Joe's show that he did there in 2015 is my all time favorite show I have ever seen. It was such an incredible day that day. Mr Kyp and Les were so good to us as we waited outside for hours before the show, bringing us food and chairs to sit on. Phil ended up becoming good friends with Les that day and he's kept in touch ever since, even sent me a poster of that special night with Kyps' signature on it. Such good people. I had mentioned to Joe a while ago about the place having trouble and he said that they have had a hard time for a long time trying to keep it going. Such a shame that these iconic clubs are closing down. Without these places it's going to be harder and harder for young musicians to get a chance to play.

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very good to hear from you Rus, but sorry to hear about Kyps. I note that you joined up here just awhile after I did, hard to believe it's been 10 years. I will go have a listen on the Spotify, thanks for posting it

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Re: Mr Kyps Closure (Joe's First Ever UK Gig)

Joanne Shaw Taylor has announced a gig there on 11 May - just before she starts her tour with Foreigner.

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...that's sad to hear, dear Rus... another one bites the dust in the wake of the rise of the Karaoke bar... and the hoards of egotistical ,vain herds of people that frequent such... it's another ongoing 'sign of the times'... people being dumbed down and down, so happy to indulge in cheap mediocrity... it was an absolutely superb gig, one that I was very lucky to attend... I'll have to delve into the spare hard drive and watch again...

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Re: Mr Kyps Closure (Joe's First Ever UK Gig)

Meet the man behind Mr Kyps - and what he's planning to do next … o-do-next/

_ "One of his big breakthroughs came when he was approached to host the first ever UK date for an up and coming American blues guitarist, Joe Bonamassa, providing he could finance the trip and pay the international flights.

After one listen to Joe’s music, Kyp was convinced there was something special about him and took the plunge.

“As with many shows put on to support new artists, it was difficult to get people through the door to try something new.

“Only 100 people showed up and this was after we made the show free and refunded the handful of people who were willing to pay the £10 ticket price.”

Joe returned to Kyps several times before international stardom beckoned. On his last visit, Kyp says he could have sold the venue out a thousand times over. '

Re: Mr Kyps Closure (Joe's First Ever UK Gig)

Can I just add to this thread that originally 'Mr Kyps' was my Middle School - 'St Peters Middle School' and I found it both amazing to think it was where Joe made his debut in the UK but also very sad to think of the closure as no more talent like Joe will be found there....

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* Mr Kyps, Poole, UK is where Joe played his first ever UK gig in 2005 and was originally my middle school!!!!
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