Topic: Meet & Greets over for Street Teaming?

I have been promoting Joe to everyone I thought might like him since 2005. I started officially Street Teaming about 6 years ago. I was a little late to Facebook due to security concerns but when I did get on Facebook in 2011 I sharing many many Joe songs from YouTube, his news and reviews, and I got many people to subscribe to his newsletter or like him on Facebook. I was always under the impression that one could earn a Meet and Greet by Street Teaming. Now that I was hoping to get a free Meet and Greet for promoting Joe all these years I am afraid I am too late as it seems that that perk is getting phased out. If in fact the earning of Meet and Greets by Street Teaming is getting phased out I would like to know so I won't ask any more in the future and just chalk it up as something I waited too long to request.
I have had Meet and Greets in the past but every one was paid for one way or the other.
I appreciate your response.

Nancy in Oklahoma

Re: Meet & Greets over for Street Teaming?

Jane H. wrote:

Hi Nancy!
Your guess is as good as mine but I have a feeling its true....
I haven't been able to get any good info on the street team but can't hurt to ask.
Good luck and if you get a straight answer please let us know........

I emailed Street Team Eric and he did confirm that they are going in a different direction for Meet and Greets, which to me sounds like "pay for access". I understand why but it is sad.
Just have to say congratulations to Joe on his huge success that he  has  to take this route for Meet and Greets.


Re: Meet & Greets over for Street Teaming?

I'll miss the old days, but you gotta hand it to Joe - not only to his success, but to use M&G for charitable benefit . . . and the high rollers with the lithos. wink

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