Topic: New Scam - Fake VIP Tickets

JBWM here to unfortunately tell you about yet another scam proliferating the net: The fake VIP ticket scam.
This is not just happening to Joe fans, it's happening to everyone from Madonna to U2.

Here's how it works. Someone on either Twitter or Facebook will contact you as either Joe or a member of his "team". What's particularly offensive is that they looked on the back of a CD and started using the name of Joe's actual manager, Roy.

They will offer you a "VIP Ticket ( Promotional ticket )" that supposedly is for front row tickets, a personal meeting with Joe and a dinner or something...  for the bargain price of $1500, which of course, can only be paid using a Money Transfer. FYI, if anyone on the internet asks you to pay using a money transfer, there's a 101% chance it's a scam, as those transfers, regardless of who you send it to, can be picked up anywhere in any country in the world using the transfer codes attached to them.

Here's an actual conversation from a scammer today:

Hello fan,  My name is Roy Weisman, i am Joe's Manager, he told me about your conversation... In order to purchase the VIP Ticket ( Promotional ticket ) we need your information as follows :-- Full Name, City, State, Zip code & Tel #. We require payment through MoneyGram transfer which can be done at any moneygram outlet or Walmart around you. Once you get to Walmart, request for a MoneyGram transfer form, fill in the information below ( Brandon Chase ) as the receiver of the money, fill in your information as the sender..Submit the form so they can process the instant money transfer. Brandon Chase is the sales Manager in charge of the Promo ticket, each ticket cost $1500 USD but Joe instructed me to get $1000 from you

Name : Brandon Chase
Address: 1220 Old Country Rd,
City : Westbury,
State : New York
Zip code : 11590
Country : USA

Once you are done with the instant money transfer, take a picture of the MoneyGram transfer receipt & email it to me so i can verify it and process your VIP ticket immediately.


The picture of the receipt is what they want. With that picture, they can claim the transfer anywhere (usually in central Africa).

Please spread the word. As with any scam, we're really sorry that we can't do anything more than we already do to stamp this out. We already kill a dozen fake accounts a day, but as long as people fall for it, they will NEVER stop.

Good luck, stay smart... and never pay for anything with a damn money transfer.


Re: New Scam - Fake VIP Tickets

Never ceases to amaze me the amount of low-life people there are in this world.

Thanks for the post, I hope nobody has been caught out by this.