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Kenny wrote:
BansheeUK wrote:

The Traveler follows nicely from How I Go and Lay It Down. Only one cover on the album, Joe Walsh's Turn To Stone and Kenny absolutely "owns" it...

Would agree with that Mike but Mr. Soul is a Buffalo Springfield - strange not hearing Neil Young sing it though.

Buffalo Springfield were just a tad before my time and the credits on the CD are very small....

Anyway, got my copy with the signed card, so I'm a happy chap whatever....

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Purchased, but not yet given a spin.  Looking forward to it,and will be seeing them in concert later this month!

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got it yesterday and got one listen in....digging it...need more listens
Love the video for A Woman like You...Kenny keeps it real big_smile
so far I like Better with Time the best, but again just one listen
got autographed copy from Kenny's store so it came with extra insert - that was signed...a little bonus...with lyrics!

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I think it’s another winner.
This one like Lay It On Down really has some good songs. Seems like a return of classic rock.Songs that I  think will stand the test of time.

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I got mine, a signed copy I purchased at the gig here which I’d been anxiously awaiting. A solid work and I love it.

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