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Topic: Hi Newbie here UK

hi every one just dropping a few lines, believe it or not I have only known about Joe Bonamassa 1 year now shame on me, well my name is Colin McQ from the Uk just picked a guitar up three years ago love blues but Joe has transformed me to the way that I now think of Guitar and the blues, I am 59 years young wished that I'd picked a guitar up a long time ago now I am an artist have a great family and a mad black Labrador called Marley, before any one says after the film no he was born before the film come out but the bizarre thing about the way I chose his name was the way that the film done theirs LOL bizarre or what.

well hope I haven't bored any one but here's  a big Hello to all those Bonamassa fans out there all over the world

Colin McQ

Re: Hi Newbie here UK

Welcome Colin. Better late than never! Joe has transformed many of us, he reignited my passion for the Blues and the Guitar. We're about the same age, though I started teaching myself how to play at 19, and I've always regretted not starting sooner. But as I said, better late than never. Lots of guitar nerds here, so all questions and comments are always welcomed and encouraged.


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Re: Hi Newbie here UK

A UK welcome here. Never too late to come to the party, just gets expensive buying the whole catalogue. Enjoy the company. big_smile

Come on the Blades (sorry Idolbone just had to borrow your line)