Re: Fall 2016 North American Pre-sale (+Red Rocks)

cindyron wrote:

pit Conn and Baltimore

Did you get the single that was in the front row on the right side of the center pit section in CT?  I had that in my basket twice and they wouldn't let me finalize the purchase!  If it was you congratulations - at least it wasn't a scalper!  lol  See you there!


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Re: Fall 2016 North American Pre-sale (+Red Rocks)

murfdog wrote:

Okay, kind of bummed. All ready to get tickets to a northwest show during the fall tour since Joe skipped us this spring, but, alas no northwest dates at all..again, bummed !

I know!  Right?  That's how I felt.  Going to travel to Reno to catch him in April.  But he's not even coming that close in the fall!

Re: Fall 2016 North American Pre-sale (+Red Rocks)

Well ordered the Blu Ray box set with the tickets on Tuesday. I'm still hoping to get my email soon so hopefully my venue doesn't get sold out. I tried to look up the equivalent of p-1 and p-2 seating but I wasn't able to find anything.

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