Re: Erja Lyytinen

Newcastle - Prohibition Cabaret Bar 12 - 11 - 23

What I love about living in Newcastle; is the range of venues and the number of bands playing any given week-end. What I don't like about living in Newcastle; is the range of venues and the number of bands playing, any given week-end. Trying to make the choice of who to see, and where: not that there's a "bad" choice most times, but then there's always the "must sees".

Erja Lyytinen falls into that last category: it took a few years to initially catch one of her shows, and since I've not missed a tour. So, when I heard that this was to be a "solo" performance, the rest of this week-end took a bit arranging and shoe-horning. And as for the venue, well, first time in there for me though I've walked by it countless times. It's actually a little gem of a bar with a cosy, upstairs performance room (as well as space in the downstair bar this evening taken by a sweet-sounding, acoustic, jazz combo.

Anyway, the reason we were there; as said, I've seen Erja several times now and consistently blown away by her powerhouse performances, she's an "axe"-wielding Nordic warrior; so what's a solo show going to be like? Well, there were no acoustic guitars, just three of her favourite electrics, just turned down, a little. So, we were able to sit that bit closer than otherwise, and Erja took that in her stride, and really engaged with her audience/friends and a truly convivial atmosphere developed as she spoke about each of the songs played. As with this type of show, the set was a mix of stage favourites, older, maybe forgotten numbers, well-chosen covers from her youth and numbers with a more personal connection, at times you could tell how personal.. And not that the show was totally laid back, several timers Erja had to get out of her chair and really tear out the instrument solos as in a full show, asking the audience to clap out the timing...

As always with this type of show, and Erja's shows in general, it was over seemingly all-too-soon; a sure sign that a great time was had is when it passes that quickly. Like I said, a first time seeing Erja in this format, but she clearly revelled in it, and if afforded us into a peep behind the curtains of the powerhouse we know and love.

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