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I saw this band for the first time live last Friday at Elsloo in The Netherlands. Wauw they blow me away. Here's my review of this amazing concert with pictures and movies. … NDITS.html

Pictures ; … 630732561/

1Wille And The Bandits Dikke Stein Elsloo 27 maart 2015- Crossroads

0Wille And The Bandits Dikke Stein Elsloo 27 maart 2015- Black magic woman

2Wille And The Bandits Dikke Stein Elsloo 27 maart 2015-Chillout

3Wille And The Bandits Dikke Stein Elsloo 27 maart 2015- Money for nothing

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A few days ago, managed to get to see Wille & the Bandits, down at Cluny2, and have to say, their reputation doesn’t come close to doing them justice. Hard to really define their style, aside from the drum kit the rest of the instruments aren’t exactly conventional, Okay, an acoustic with a pick-up isn’t too far out, and maybe a 6 string bass, but the rest of Wille Edwards armoury are Hawaiian Lap-jacks and Matt Brooks’ other Bass od choice is an Electric Double bass, which he occasionally bows. Not to be left out, Andrew Naumann augments his kit with Cabasa and Marimba. Not that the overall sound is folksy or New World tribal”, in fact, when they get going it put me in mind of old ZZ Top…

Not too many turned out this Sunday evening, but combined with the more intimate atmosphere that Cluny2 has, the evening got underway in a chilled, relaxed manor, even a cover of John Martyn’s Bless The Weather, made it in the set, but from there on in, Wille, Matt & Andrew just kept pouring it on and on; driving rhythms, searing slide guitar and a well marinated, growling vocals took us through nubers like Why D’You Do It? Mammon, Keep Your Head Up; a bluesy pause for Crossroads and we were off again, to the climactic Angel, with soundscapes reminding me a little at times of Hawkwind, the way the kept folding back in on themselves.

Such a good band, and one definitely not to be missed; Wille has a great, gravelly voice and his skill on the slde is second-to-none; Matt is an exceptionally fine bassist, whether on the 6 string or the Double, and Andrew’s drumming, really stands out. Guess they’ve got me hooked…...

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When we were in London a few weeks ago, we caught Wille and the Bandits at the Borderline. Before going I had checked out a few of their videos on youtube and have to admit I was a little apprehensive. Wasn't quite what I was used to listening to. However, when we saw them live I thought they were great. They were so much fun and had such a good beat to their songs. It really was a blast to see them. They had a big crowd and quite a few were loud and obnoxious, but we were right in front and tried as best we could to ignore the rude, drunk ones.
A few songs in, they made an announcement that they wanted to record a live video of their song, Miles Away. They didn't want to spend the money on professionals so they asked everyone to get out their cameras and phones and record and for people to send the files to their email and if they used your footage, they would credit you. Well, you know I was all over that wink I have received confirmation that they received the file, but I'm still waiting to hear back on the final product. Would be cool if it all works out.

Here is the whole show:
Hot Rocks

Gypsy Woman/Jack the Lad

Watch You Grow

Living Free

Black Magic Woman

Miles Away


Under The Grove

Love Me

Chill Out

Bad News

Galloping Horses

Virgin Eyes



All three of the guys are top notch musicians. Wille is quite outstanding on slide, and really enjoyed watching the bass player especially with the modern looking stand up bass. Wille really reminds me of Gene Wilder in Charlie and the Chocolate factory. He has a similar face and what with the top hat he wears and a kind of devilish look on his face he is quite a cool character to watch. Really enjoyed the whole show.

Re: Wille And The Bandits

Spring tour from one of the hardest working bands in the UK;

Jan 22 Bodega Nottingham,
   Jan 23 Ripley Town Hall Harrogate,
   Jan 24 Great British Rock and Blues Festival Skegness,
   Jan 28 Wrotham Arms Broadstairs, United Kingdom   
   Jan 29 W2 Den Bosch, Netherlands   
   Jan 30 Duycker Hoofddorp, Netherlands   
   Jan 31 Amer Amen Amen, Netherlands 

   Feb 04 THE HALF MOON Putney,
   Feb 05 Sub 89 Reading,
   Feb 07 Square and Compass Ashill,
   Feb 11 Royal Northern Academy of Music Manchester, 
   Feb 12 Liverpool Phillharmonic Liverpool,
   Feb 13 The Artrix Bromsgrove,
   Feb 18 Robin 2 Bilston,
   Feb 19 Moon Club Cardiff,
   Feb 20 City Hall Salisbury,
   Feb 21 The Convent Stroud,
   Feb 26 Palladium Club Bideford,
   Feb 27 Princess Pavilion Falmouth,
   Mar 04 Mr Kyps Poole,
   Mar 05 The Barrel House Totnes,
   Mar 10 The Greystones Sheffield, 
   Mar 11 The Mechanics Burnley,
   Mar 12 Scarborough Blues Festival Scarborough, 
   Mar 16 Inchyra Arts Club Perth, 
   Mar 17 Bannermans Edinburgh, 
   Mar 18 Audio Glasgow,
   Mar 19 St Boswells Village Hall St. Boswells,
   Mar 20 Bowness blues weekend Windermere,

Highly recommended…...

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Re: Wille And The Bandits

14th Oct @ The Cluny2

Another fantastic gig by Wille, Mat & Andrew on Friday night, the sound these three guys whip up is just like no other: in some ways, a sax player and exotic dancer away from vintage Hawkwind with the near cosmic soundscapes they generate.

Most of the set was drawn from the new album, Steal,, the opening moment starting with a haunting keyboard refrain and Scared of The Sun. Unfortunately, this seemed to have put some pesky Cornish Piskies in Matt’s bass, so while he did a lttle maintenance, Wille & Andrew “busked” a ragtime number. Once sorted, Matt’s six-string bass was fully operational and the guys tore into the new material such as Miles Away; Hot Rocks; Crossfire Memories; Living Free & Bad News with the rocking 1970 bringing the house down as the encore after Wille, Matt & Andrew put everything into set closer Angel.

When not on the six-string bass, Matt really showed his worth on the 5-string electric double bass, which looks not unlike a canoe outrigger; Wille swapping from his wired up acoustic to lapjack slide; it kind of makes you feel for Andrew being stuck behind the drum kit, but boy, can that guy drum. It just amazes me that a band who look like buskers can take such an assortment of instruments and weave such a full, almost symphonic sound while keep it earthy & raw.

Rest of the 2016 tour:-
   Oct 19 The Winchester Bournemouth, United Kingdom
   Oct 20 Hole In The Wall Exeter, United Kingdom
   Oct 21 The Junction Plymouth, United Kingdom
   Oct 22 The Factory Barnstaple, United Kingdom
   Oct 25 The Basement Chelmsford, United Kingdom
   Oct 26 Talking Heads Southampton, United Kingdom
   Oct 27 Sticky Mikes Frog Bar Brighton, Uk
   Oct 28 100 Club London, United Kingdom
   Oct 29 Thekla Bristol, United Kingdom
   Oct 30 West Coast Arts Tenby, United Kingdom
   Nov 01 Bennigans Bar Londonderry, United Kingdom
   Nov 03 Monroes Galway, Ireland   
   Nov 04 De Barras Clonakilty, Ireland
   Nov 05 Fibber Magees Dublin, Ireland   
   Nov 06 3rd Space (Acoustic Show) Llandudno, United Kingdom
   Nov 12 UK BLUES CHALLENGE@Robin 2 Bilston, United Kingdom

  Nov 13 De Noot (4pm start) Hoogland, Netherlands
   Nov 15 Yard Club Cologne, Germany   
   Nov 16 Indra Club Hamburg, Germany
   Nov 17 Music Hall Worpswede, Germany   
   Nov 18 Diemelkukt Marsberg, Germany
   Nov 19 Speicher Schwerin, Germany
   Nov 20 Kulturkeller Fulda, Germany
   Nov 21 Soundso Leipzig, Germany   
   Nov 22 Legends Lounge Munich, Germany   
   Nov 30 Muhle Hunziken Rubigen, Switzerland
   Dec 02 Blues Garage Isernhagen, Germany

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Re: Wille And The Bandits

Looking forward in a couple of weeks to catching the guys again at Newcastle, but anyone who hasn't yet, here's their Autumn schedule including some Australia dates (Stefan, I know you're looking in again.....).

Can't recommend enough that you check out these guys:-
Sep 22 De Bosuil Weert, Netherlands
Sep 23 Duycker Hoofddorp, Netherlands
Sep 24 Willem Twee Poppodium Den Bosch, Netherlands
Sep 30 LA TRAVERSE Cléon, France

Oct 03 City Football Club Chelmsford
Oct 04 Hare and Hounds Harborne
Oct 05 Deaf Institute Manchester
Oct 06 Victoria Hall Settle
Oct 07 The Atkinson Southport
Oct 08 Hug And pint Glasgow
Oct 10 Cluny 2 Newcastle
Oct 11 The Flowerpot Derby
Oct 12 Epic TV Norwich
Oct 13 O2 Academy Oxford
Oct 14 Oslo London
Oct 15 Exeter Phoenix Exeter
Oct 17 The Stables Milton Keynes
Oct 18 Green Door Store Brighton
Oct 19 Talking Heads Southampton
Oct 24 The Full Moon Cardiff
Oct 25 Ironroad Evesham
Oct 26 The Fleece Bristol
Oct 27 Princess Pavilions Falmouth
Oct 28 Electric Palace Bridport

Nov 02    Australian Music Week Cronulla, Australia
Nov 03    Family Hotel Katoomba, Australia         
Nov 04    Leadbelly Newtown, Australia         
Nov 05    Beaches Thirroul, Australia     
Nov 09    Stag and Hunter Sandgate, Australia     
Nov 10    The Tapp / Panthers Port Macquarie, Australia     
Nov 11    Night Quarter Helensvale, Australia         
Nov 12    Shawsy Ballina, Australia 
Nov 17    Muhle Hunziken Rubigen, Switzerland         
Dec 01    Speicher Schwerin, Germany     
Dec 02    Flirting with the Blues Amersfoort, Netherlands         
Dec 04    Harmonie Bonn, Germany         
Dec 07    Colos Saal Aschaffenburg, Germany         
Dec 08    Pressenwerk  Bad Salzungen, Germany         
Dec 09    Blues Garage  Isernhagen, Germany
Dec 10    Bunker Aachen, Germany         
Dec 11    Live Club Bamberg, Germany     
Dec 12    Hirsch Nuremberg, Germany     
Dec 13    Spitalkeller Offenburg, Germany   
Dec 14    Exil Gottingen, Germany

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Re: Wille And The Bandits

10th Oct - Newcastle Cluny 2

Mid October, it must be time for Wille & The Bandits. Love it when you can set your calendar by gigs, and by the same token, you can rely on another blast of a show. Can't say anything I haven't already in this thread; this time round though it was Matt's bass solos that really were outstanding. If anything, they are backing down on the "cosmic surf hippy" vibe and maturing a bit more main-stream rock, but still good, sorry make that great.

Get to the shows early and catch Australian guest support Claude Hay; the ultimate "recycling-one-man-band"; you won't be disappointed.

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Re: Wille And The Bandits

Heard that WATB will have a double LIVE CD available at their upcoming shows.... as if you needed an excuse to go along.

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Re: Wille And The Bandits

Feb 17th - Hartlepool Supporters

Well, if Sean Webster was the wrecking ball at Hartlepool, then WATB were the tornado that swept the debris clean away. Not an enviable task, following someone like Sean and the groove he was in, but WATB were more than up for the challenge on their 1st visit to Supporters Club (they mentioned “monkey-hangers” once but I think they got away with it…). It certainly was a case of Good Times and Living Free and rocking like it was 1970 as they knuckled down and just did what the do best.; Wille’s feral howl and wicked slide lap-jack, Matthew’s searing bass runs and Andrew’s fluid drumming uniting into something that’s almost primal.

Nobody in the packed house left following Sean’s set until WATB’s last notes faded into the night air, followed by a roar of Hartlepool’s approval that these guys can assuredly return.

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Re: Wille And The Bandits

Really looking forward to seeing them again in Aberdeen next month - hope they get a bigger crowd this time though.

Re: Wille And The Bandits

Three top class musicians working seamlessly together; what's not to like?

The Live CD is made up of track recorded on the road over the last couple of years by their sound engineer and made into a typical set list. Only available on the road, for now at least, and was selling very well at Hartlepool.

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Re: Wille And The Bandits

Wille & the Bandits have just announced their latest album Paths; available for pre-order now from their web-site. Release date 1st Feb 2019.

There’s also a free download of new track Find My Way when you place your order…. Some tasty bundles on offer.

Tour dates:-

November 2018 - Supporting Walter Trout

Nov25  Wolverhampton  Robin 2
Nov27  Holmfirth  Picturedrome
Nov28  Glasgow  Òran Mór
Nov29  Newcastle-upon-Tyne  Wylam Brewery

January 2019
Jan 25 Giants of Rock: Skid Row, Roger Chapman, Sweet Atomic Rooster, H.E.A.T., Dare, Geordie, Focus…
Minehead  Butlins

February 2019
Feb09 Wille & The Bandits Truro The Old Bakery Studios

March 2019
Mar06  Shoreham-by-Sea  Ropetackle Arts Centre
Mar07  Cardiff  Clwb Ifor Bach
Mar08  Plymouth  The Junction
Mar09  Bristol  Thekla
Mar13  Nottingham Bodega Nottingham
Mar14  Liverpool  O2 Academy Liverpool
Mar15  Sheffield  O2 Academy Sheffield
Mar16  Preston   The Continental
Mar17  Settle   Settle Victoria Hall
Mar19  York  Fibbers
Mar20  Glasgow  The Hug & Pint
Mar21  Edinburgh  The Voodoo Rooms
Mar22  Newcastle upon Tyne  O2 Academy Newcastle
Mar24  Cambridge  Cambridge Junction
Mar27  Norwich  The Waterfront Studio
Mar28  Birmingham  O2 Academy Birmingham
Mar29  Oxford  O2 Academy Oxford
Mar30  London O2 Academy Islington

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Re: Wille And The Bandits

"Wille Edwards; Cornwall based musician, eclectic songwriter, and front man of internationally acclaimed band Wille and the Bandits will embark on a solo tour of the UK in November, Wille hopes to raise awareness of homelessness in the UK and help raise money through a charity single.
The tour will cross the south of the UK; between shows Wille will volunteer with charities that support those who find themselves homeless or at risk of homelessness, he hopes to be able to gain some insight into the lives of some of the UKs 320,000 homeless."
(Shelter, the National Campaign for Homeless People Limited)

25 Nov Hawthorns Hotel  Glastonbury
26 Nov The Railway  Winchester
27 Nov Nordon Farm  Maidenhead
28 Nov Tring Park Blues Tring
29 Nov Barrelhouse  Totnes
30 Nov Hunton Village Hall  Maidstone
1 Dec The Green Note  London

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Re: Wille And The Bandits

That’s a little disturbing news - Matt and Andy are parting from Wille & The Bandits at the end of this European tour. The band will continue, Wille Edwards will shortly announce the new line-up in time for next tour starting in Netherlands, January 2020.
One things for certain, Matt & Andy are leaving a large void to fill, but peace & love to them both.

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Re: Wille And The Bandits

From Wille [Edwards]

Hello friends and fans of Wille and the Bandits,

Firstly, I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who has come down to all our shows and have supported us over the years. It means so much to me. You guys give me the platform to live my dream.

As many of you are aware, Matt and Andy are moving on from Wille and the Bandits and next year the band will become a four piece, adding multi- instrumentalist Matthew Gallagher who will be playing keyboards, guitar, percussion and backing vocals along with Harry Mackaill who will be on Bass and singing duties and Finn McAuley who will be playing drums and percussion.

From early rehearsals, this is set to take the Bandits sound to a new level while also complimenting what has been created previously. With three way harmonies and extra melody from the Hammond organ the band is in a great place musically: This has always been the most important thing to all of us, past and present, involved with WATB as we enter this new era for the band.

The UK tour, which will be from late February to early April, will be travelling all over the country, playing some of our favourite venues including The Thekla in Bristol, Deaf Institute in Manchester and the world famous 100 club in London.

Make Love feat new 4-piece line-up -

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Re: Wille And The Bandits

First UK tour of new line-up starts at the end of February and promises to be Wild as the support is confirmed as slide maestro Troy Redfern.   

February 2020
Feb 26 Wed Leicester, The Musician
Feb 27 Thu Sheffield, The Greystones
Feb 28 Fri Manchester, The Deaf Institute
Feb 29 Sat Liverpool Philharmonic Hall

March 2020
Mar 04 Wed Wolverhampton, The Robin 2
Mar 05 Thu Leeds, Irish Centre
Mar 06 Fri Newcastle upon Tyne, The Cluny & The Cluny 2
Mar 07 Sat Glasgow, The Hug & Pint
Mar 09 Mon Perth, Inchyra Arts Club
Mar 10 Tue St. Boswells Live
Mar 11 Wed The Grand At Clitheroe
Mar 12 Thu Derby, The Flowerpot
Mar 13 Fri Gloucester Guildhall
Mar 14 Sat  Cardiff, The Moon
Mar 18 Wed Wille & The Bandits Troy Redfern Guildford, The Star Inn
Mar 19 Thu Margate, Elsewhere Record Store
Mar 20 Fri London, 100 Club
Mar 25 Wed Bideford, The Palladium Club
Mar 26 Thu Exeter Phoenix
Mar 27 Fri Plymouth, The Junction
Mar 28 Sat Truro, The Old Bakery Studios

April 2020
Apr 01 Wed Shoreham-by-Sea, Ropetackle Arts Centre
Apr 02 Thu Oxford, The Bullingdon
Apr 03 Fri Wimborne, Tivoli Theatre
Apr 04 Sat Bristol, Thekla

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Re: Wille And The Bandits

Newcastle Cluny - 6th March
Well, Troy Redfern certainly threw down a gauntlet on Friday night. Even if I knew which end of a Fender to blow down, i wouldn’t have wanted to follow that and of the few that could, it was up to Wille & The Bamdits (2.0).
Have to admit, this line-up change was the other reason for venturing out and they did not disappoint. Wille still has a primal howl of a voice and stirs up surfadelic landscapes, especially on the electro/acoustic hymn that is Angel. Keyboards, an unexpected addition but hit the perfect balance of “being these” but not overpowering. Again, superb backline, maybe a tad more muscular than of old but the main thing I picked-up or rather didn’t was a missing bass string, or two. However you want to look, yes, there are changes, but this band still bites, and surfs. great introduction tour, bodes well for next studio foray.

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Re: Wille And The Bandits

Our ol' mates Wille & The bandits are hitting the crowdfunding trail, via Kickstarter for their next album. Only 3 days in out of 30 and they've already almost doubled their target - lots of love out there for WATB, so be part of it... … -453842469

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