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So we have finally secured official dates for this summer's exciting European festival circuit, all of which should be a fun experience, I know I love music festivals! The date that Joe plays and the official ticket links are listed below:

Sweden Rock (Solvesborg, Sweden) - 6/6/14

PinkPop Festival (Landgraaf, Holland) - 6/7/14

Loreley Open Air/ Classic Rock Night (St. Goarshausen, Germany) - 6/14/14 Rocknacht - JOE BONAMASSA - JULIAN SAS - THE BREW and more_731715_details.html?eventid=731715

Download Festival (Leicestershire, England) - 6/15/14

Azkena Festival (Basauri, Spain) - 6/21/14 … =177495397

London Calling Festival - 6/28/14 … al-tickets

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Thank you Eric. It's good to see J&R's confirmation of these dates and, hopefully, there may be more. I just hope Joe's not too pooped with all that travelling by the time I see him at London Calling on the 28th.

I don't know about Always on the Road, nowadays it should be "Always in the Air"! lol


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I am in Barcelona on 21 June but don't think i would get away with travelling 5 hours for a festival sad

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There have been a few dates in France added this summer alongside the festival listed below:

6/9 Lille: Zenith Arena

6/10 Nantes: Zenith Metropole

6/13 Strasbourg: Zenith Europe

6/18 Bordeaux: Patinoire Meriadeck

6/19 Toulouse: Zenith

6/23 Marseille: Le Dome

6/24 Nice: Palais Nikaia