Topic: Caleb Johnson Rocks American Idol

I never watch American Idol, but when I heard that a contestant was doing a Rival Sons cover song, so I had to check it out. Caleb Johnson did a good job. It’s great to some youngsters keeping rock alive. I wish him luck on the show.

Here is Caleb performance.

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Re: Caleb Johnson Rocks American Idol

Doesn't get close to Jay Buchanan...but a good voice.

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Re: Caleb Johnson Rocks American Idol

The kid can sing Power Rock! Great stage presence and a born frontman. The heck with AI. He has a future in music in spite of them. I might watch that show just to see him!

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Re: Caleb Johnson Rocks American Idol

Jay has a great voice and was a very nice guy when I met him at the Hard Rock last month. I am really looking forward to Rival Sons new album.  Caleb’s voice is similar to Glenn’s. It would be great to see him perform some BCC, Black Country or Man in The Middle would be good.

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Re: Caleb Johnson Rocks American Idol

His new Album Southern Ground is very good. A nice mix of rock and soul songs
   Very much in the southern rock genre.

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