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I saw this via the Joe bonamassa Street Team FB page. hope its ok to repost as i know many street teamers who do not use FB.

"First round of promo cards are ready to go out! If you're attending the EUGENE, PHILADELPHIA or NEW YORK shows, send an email to and tell me which show and your address and I'll have some on the way!"

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Feel free to send me posters and promo cards

Alan L Miller
1382 Ocean Avenue
Unit C15
Sea Bright, NJ 07760


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JBXP was being used for Street Teaming but if you hadn't heard it is moth balled for the time being. Which as you said you are not an active social networker. So the old fashioned way of turning people on to a CD compilation or having a watch party of the DVD's is as basic and effective as it can get. As far as not hearing from Andy there are many requests that come across his desktop and he tries to handle them chronologically according to the tour itinerary.