I was dozing on the couch in front of the TV Sun. night up in the Sierras where I was working when all of a sudden there's Joe's face on the screen with an ad for the upcoming show @ John Ascuaga's Nugget in Sparks 5/24. The ad was running on KCRA out of Sacramento, which covers a large chunk of Norcal. So this afternoon I'm heading for home listening to the Eagle 96.9 out of Sacto. and another ad comes across the radio, complete w/ mini bio and BB's comment about Joe. I think the promo people at the Nugget deserve an honorable mention as street team members for their effort. I know their primary concern is to put butts in their seats, but I've never seen this much publicity around Joe in my area before when he's come through. What a windfall as this date was originally set for the Jackson Rancheria Casino where maybe 250 people showed up for Joe's last show there.

                                                                                                    Think Green,

                                                                                                    J Dawg

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Dawg, you made my day!

Wish i could have caught all of that. Sac town is so big on music, and alot of people know of Joe. Definetly the musicians for sure. I'm still waiting for Curtiss the program director at the eagle to contact me. Dont know if you caught my post earlier, anyways, he is putting Joe on the radio. I also invited him to drop by our table if he makes the show.