Topic: EBAY

It's interesting to check ebay once in a while and see what kind of Bonamassa items are up for auction. 

This one really caught my eye, an autographed CD. … dZViewItem

Never seen his signature like that before, could be a forgery?

Music is good for the Soul...


Weird David....weird because I did not see your words below the link and had just wondered the same thing!  I am not sure, but I think Joe has an evolved John Hancock...He used to sign some "You Rock", and some with what I call a "pre" style!  I got to look at an older one I have to see....

Rock On & Keep the Faith,

"He still doesn't charge for mistakes! wink"
"Everybody wants ta get inta the act!"
“Now, this isn’t your ordinary party crowd, here.  I mean, there are professionals in here.”