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thanks for that Joybird
Sadly another Bonabuddy has passed. I didn't know her as well but enjoyed sharing Joe posts on FB with her. RIP Linda Chastain Terry

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RIP Carl Reiner, one of the great comedians of our time, age 98 so he didn't get cheated any years. I just watched a wonderful one hour interview on AXS I think, not sure, with Dan Rather, he and his son Rob. It was real, it was funny, he was funny still. I learned a lot about his early days that I didn't know

I remember pi R Squared in math class ............. wait, I know for sure Junior Sample told Grandpa "Pie are round, Cornbread are square"

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A sad day.  Peter Green has passed away, quietly...  He left his mark for sure. 

Rock ON and Keep The Faith,

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I think a lot of blues players, including Joe, must be grateful for the Peter Green influence.


He took it all too far,
but boy, could he play guitar.