I am definately going to see Joe on Saturday 6/2 in Hagerstown. This will be my third JB show. However,having never seen him before, I wanted to see Walter Trout on Friday night 6/1 at the W.M.B.F.. Problem is I saw where Robert Randoff and the family band (never seen them play live either) are playing the arts festival here in my hometown of Pittsburgh PA on the same night. Well i just saw the line up for the PGH blues festival in July and on 7/20 there it was...WALTER TROUT AND THE RADICALS !!!  Joe is tentatively scheduled to play the PGH arts festival on 6/14.   This is going to be the best summer ever !!!

Tell me about the car i saw parked outside your door ? Tell me what you left me waiting two or three hours for ? Tell me why when the phone rings, baby, your up and across the floor ? Please dont keep me wondering no more.....


Darrflo. Jane, Carl and I will be there in our "Joe" shirts. Front Left stage..we'll be looking for you!!Cathy


Definitely Chris!  I'll be there.

No matter how well you know someone, you can only ever guess.  How can you ever really know somebody else? It takes more than a lifetime just to get to know yourself.  Nobody knows the meaning of loneliness.  - Van Morrison


Quite a June/July lineup for us in the Pittsburgh area. Robert Rondolf and Joe at the Arts fest and the Blues festival in July with Walter, Bernard Allison, and FRANK MARINO. Hartwood acres is an awesome place for the festival. Beautifull hillside with 2 stages of continous blues rock, laying in the grass, chugging some cold ones. CAN'T WAIT!

Take care everyone. And if I don't meet you no more in this world
Then ill, I'll meet you in the next one and don't be late, don't be late


I will be there too on Saturday.....front left stage!!!  See you soon Jane.  Looking forward to meeting you Cathy, Carl, Chris and Darrflo.