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Topic: michaels comeing home

Looks like the michael lynch tour of the usa has come to an end
hes made a lot off new friends and im sure he will be telling me all about
his adventures when he returns to work this week i cant wait to hear all about
his travels ,when we have are tea break, and what a mate he took a picture of me and joe
with him to the states and got joe to sign it.
I like a lot of forum readers have enjoyed keeping up to date with his posts
and shareing his adventures see you at work mate the holiday sadly is over

mick s

ps joes in devon in august maybe we could drive down see the girls and watch the gig
even wip across to crewkerne for a drink in karens dads pub

Re: michaels comeing home

There should be a formal 'welcome home Michael' reception at the airport with banners, smiley pies, a 100 piece brass marching band, dancing girls, the Queen ...

When we were chatting in the queue to see Joe at Shepherds Bush I told him he was a LEGEND and now rightly so he's proved this.  Good on you Michael!  If you're coming to Poole in August let me know and I would be honoured to buy you a beer wink