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Hey Everybody,
          Sorry Im on another computer right now and forgot my login password.  I just wanted to give everybody a update on the upcoming tour starting on Saturday in Elgin.  Most of you by now know that the great Rick Melick will be joining the band on keyboards.  Rick played on my new album and on You and Me and is just brilliant.  Also on bass Carmine Rojas will also be joining the band as well. Carmine played on the new record and You and Me plus spent many years with David Bowie and Rod Sterwart and is also just brilliant.    I am very excited about this and have been rehearsing all week.  We are going to be playing 3 songs off the new album some stuff from You and Me and stuff from my older records.  Its a longer show now.  13 songs in total.  I wanted to cover more ground  with this show.  I am also excited to be turning 30. Yes I am actually.. I am excited to get it done and over with.  There has been alot of fanfare and build up to it.  I feel 30 already so whats the difference. Anyway I m looking forward to start playing again and especially with the new members.  See you soon..
Joe Bonamassa

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Hey Joe... I didn't say Mr. Bonamassa. Hope this finds you and yours well. Good to hear the show is a little longer. Looking forward to Western Maryland Show. I started a post a day or two ago(Can Joe come out and play) any chance you can make it to the stage for the Allman Bros./Bob Weir August? I think I can could die a happy man if this could happen. Maybe if that other thing involving Jessica Simpson... $1.50 a gallon gas PEACE...... I'll have to think this through a little more. "We all must go through what we went through to get to where we're going" Darrell

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Can't wait to hear the new album. Hopefully we can get a taste/tease in Pittsburgh on June 14th. Still no mention of the Pittsburgh arts festival?  Starting to get worried....

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Thanks for the update Joe.  New members of the band and expanding not only the band but the show itself!  That sounds great.  Look forward to hearing the trip reports to see how things are going.  Hope to catch a show or two down the road.

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Gr8 news Joe!  Can't wait to see/hear the new lineup @ the Saranac Brewery.  Any chance of a Turning Stone date this tour?  Outdoor shows are always fun, but they can't beat sitting up against the stage at the Turning Stone.  Best wishes on the new album & tour!

L8r... John

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Hey Joe-

Thanks for the update!!
See you real soon at the:
6/14/07 Pittsburgh, PA 3 Arts Festival-If this date gets confirmed?

Sorry I will miss you in Elgin, but Melissa and Nicolino will be there to support your music!!

Good Luck with the upcoming tour!!  Keep Rockin the Blues!!

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Thanks for taking time to drop us a line. Were all like a bunch of little kids outside the toy store waiting for it to open.

Cant you tease us with a sample before the May 5 show? I think were all going to have to hit one show this year, we will fly in from all over the world. Yeah yeah that sounds real good, dont know why I didnt think of this before. For us being so loyal you can give away "goldie" at the end.  Oh never mind, I think this a dream and I'm about to wake up!


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Hey Joe,
First of all, if you keep changing your user name you're never going to reach BONAMETAL status. Seriously, thanks for the update. Sounds like the show might be a little different next time I see it. Looking forward to the new album and hearing some new songs in the live performances.

p.s. Since Mark Epstein will no longer be with the band, I would like to personally thank him for the great job he did and wish him luck with future endeavors. I know that touring was not his favorite part of the job and so I'm not totally shocked by the change. Mark is a great guy and a great bass player. Thanks Mark!

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Hey Joe,

Thanks for the update...We look forward to seeing you again in Columbus, at the Fraze and at the Cleveland HOB...Also looking forward to the new record...I'm glad to hear that you have also decided to lengthen the show...At the Fraze you have the opportunity to wow us under a summer moon until 11PM...I hope that your tour gets off to a great start...

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Thanks for the update Joe.  Can't wait to hear the new songs.  The new tour sounds really exciting.  See you in San Luis Obispo.


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Wow excellent Joe thanks for the up-date I even more "Can't Wait" for June 5th ....Woohooo ...JBrules

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Thanks for the update, i've ordered my tickets for the show at paradiso, Amsterdam so I hope to see you there!
Oh and about the forgotten password, it looks like you can request a new password for the forum through this page:
I hope this helps wink

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Hey Joe,

Any chance of you playing in Canada in 2008?


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Sad to see Mark's not in the band anymore. He was a great guy and bass player. But excited to hear Carmine and Rick are joining the band. Bogie, doni't leave. You rock hardcore.

If this is the lineup I'll be seeing in October at Cain's Ballroom, I'm friggin' stoked.

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Thanks for the update Joe- I can't wait to hear the new lineup!  Its going to be great having keyboards!  I know all of us are going to miss Mark on bass- he was an absolutely great guy and a great bass player- but I'm sure Carmine can take that place and having Rick there too just amazing... Can't wait!!


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I can't wait to hear the lineup with keys...thats gonna dip into a whole new sound...great!!!

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Good luck to you, Mark, and I'm sorry to see you go. You brought the show's level up several notches and contributed greatly to the excitment we all felt from a live Joe performance.

That said, I'm looking forward to the new lineup. I have a good feeling that Joe is taking his game up another notch, and I for one will be thrilled with the show this Saturday.


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Yeah, I can't wait to see what the setlist will be. Cool that hes going to change it up a bit this time.

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