Re: Please Joe stop with the blues COVER!!!

Agreed Duncan wink The thread title and the timing are my issue.  I'm fine with a future discussion regarding the merits of both. Cathy

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Re: Please Joe stop with the blues COVER!!!

so i just want to reiterate that i like Joe to put out what he wants, numero uno

i don't think there is anything negative whatsoever with telling him what one's self prefers

for goodness sakes it didn't stop folks from telling him they didn't like BCC

if you want to tell Joe what you prefer more or prefer less, IMHO that is ok. i think the wrong turn in this thread is those implying that it is such a bad thing.

that is the sad and repetitve thing IMO

i like reminding Joe what i like best. i hope he still knows i like it all and want him to do what he wants regardless of my preferences and what IMO he excells the most at. fwiw that isn't always rock or whatever

i don't (well i try not to) tell other people not to prefer blues or blues covers, just trying to get a message to Joe about what i like . its weird how that peeves some off. i mean not necessarily my opinion at issue in this thread i know but that is the real spin thing imo

i honestly think sometimes that some people are really afraid Joe will realize he is the greatest rock god (potentially) in the history of mankind as we know it.

i personally can't wait

in the meantime i enjoy it all, and really digging DTTD - probably just as much or more than most all of ya's so there, even blues deluxe eh!

and yeah the truth to the power won't stop so quit trying to make it go away and make your own thread and discussion if this one is a bother IMO

Joe I hope you do see to the actual words from the fans and not other's interpretations. it really hurts when something i said gets twisted around here. not saying that has happened to me but i feel its worth trying to keep pointing it out

Re: Please Joe stop with the blues COVER!!!

I'm putting away the dead horse hammer now this thread has been beaten to death.