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I hope this isn't political. I just found it an interesting story. Human interest you could say. The individual concerned comes from my 'home town' in the UK where my daughter still lives so I found myself automatically interested.

I can't comment as to the validity of the case of the US Govt. or the defence of the individual concerned.

I guess my only problem is that a UK citizen is being extradited to stand trial in a US court for a crime that involved an importation into Holland. As far as I can tell nothing occurred on US soil.

It just leaves me a bit uneasy. A bit like Rendition. The policy used against suspected terrorists. I don't have enough facts to make judgements and if this post is deemed as political then I am happy for it to disappear into the ether.

But I am interested in anybody's thoughts

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Re: Extradition story

I think this is in political territory but would only ask, would it happen the other way round?

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Re: Extradition story

I know the story, and it is most definitely a politically sensitive issue.

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Re: Extradition story

Reading between the lines, it appears he sold some kind of specialized batteries that can be used in missiles, ostensibly to Iran via an intermediary. Some murky areas of international law and arms traders were in the mix? Example made or a warning to others? Tough to say. Definitely political at the highest levels.

I used to sell export controlled voice scrambling equipment and was visited by Federal agents to check out where my exports to the high seas tuna fleet were going. They thought some of my sales were going to drug cartels. At the time, these devices were so sophisitcated that the government spooks could not break the encryption codec stream. A scary moment! One must tread very carefully when trading export controlled equipment.

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Re: Extradition story

Sadly Mike, I have to agree that debate on this story is likely to lead us into a minefield, and in order to save some or all of us from blowing ourselves up, I shall close this.

As a general comment, it is a peculiar development of the times we live in that people are able to be prosecuted in countries other than where their alleged crimes took place. Whether or not this is a good or acceptable state of affairs depends on the 'crime' and on your personal 'Weltanschauung', and can therefore also be a highly political question.

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