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Jane H. wrote:
Pantera wrote:

I'll hope i'll have the chance to meet him in march....

Hey Pantera I hope you do too.
I want to point out that this thread in particular is a couple years old and had outdated information and contacts.
I didn't read the whole thing again but my suggestion is to read though some of the more recent threads including a couple sticky threads at the top of this and the Street Team section for more relevant information.

Oooopssss, didn't check de date of the posts :emb


Thanx Jane H. for your answer. I'll follow your advice. wink

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Re: How to meet Joe?

I read posts speaking about getting a guitar signed.....I don't see myself bringing my Joe Bonamassa epiphone to the concert big_smile

Well anyway the most important is to enjoy the gig and come back home with stars in the eyes and eventually with some good pics and videos.

Meeting him would be the cherry on the cake. It's a way to have an idea of his personnality. wink

Re: How to meet Joe?

PBS usually gives away meet and greats if you donate but depends on area.  They do it for every show he's had in Indianapolis.  I had asked his management and they even suggested going that route.  Years ago, you could call up the management company and just by requesting I would get a meet with any artist.  Also depends on venue, if they are at a club, you get to meet them between sets or after the show.  Also know your city and where they like to go.

Our local blues club has people in it every night, Joe has even stopped in there the night before or after his show.

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