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Topic: Perth, Western Australia; 23 May 2011

Amazing, unforgettable night.

Joe's 1st ever show in the Western half of the continent so most of us had never had the chance of hearing him in a live show. So expectations were high amongst those of us who knew Joe's legendary status; and expectations uncertain amongst the many who had come to hear the guy based on heresay, and his frequent mention in certain guitar-based publications.

Well he didn't disappoint...  So in a few nutshells:

THE SETLIST: Pretty much as expected, much the same as posted for his Newcastle show review. I've posted the Perth list below anyway. Joe doesn't vary the list much. But it's good; something for everyone, (unless you came to see Joe do his "country thang"). No low spots.

THE BAND: Fantastic musicians, powerful and tight, looked like they enjoyed themselves, really cooked hot; the embers on which Joe burned.

THE GEAR: A privilege to hear Joe's '59 Les Paul downunder. Beautiful sweet tone, that can also snarl, bite, caress, and ignite. The range of tones Joe extracted was incredible from this 1 block of wood. Joe's other guitars also sounded killer. Not the usual choice he has on tour (4 guitars total for us Oz lads) but did the job and left us spellbound with tone. Initial disappointment he couldn't bring his full amp rig to Oz but the bunch of hired Marshalls sounded amazing, testament to the fact that a lot of the tone is in the fingers, not the electronics. And in Perth they didn't blow up. Bonus.

THE AUDIENCE: Perth audiences can sometimes be hard to crack, a bit reserved sometimes, a bit restrained. Comes from the isolation I think. But from where I sat it felt that Joe connected from the the time he strode on stage, stompin' and firing that goddam' Cradle Rock. From there the crowd were in his hands and responded to the call. A knowledgeable crowd (where are the young people?), and very appreciative that Joe had made the effort to cross the country for 1 night. I hope Joe caught the crowd vibe cos it was hot...

THE GUITARIST: Well Mr Bonamassa was simply superb, stunning, superlative. Despite his gruelling touring he played with passion, and with fire. On top of his game. As a guitar player myself it was a humbling experience. As a member of the crowd it was uplifting. It has been a journey of wonder to see Joe evolve as a guitar player. I felt last night that he has now assimilated his influences, cooked them up, seasoned and flavored, and now is producing THE signature JB style.  His lead style crosses genres, is technically profound, passionate, and often singing and highly lyrical, spiced with notes from exotic scales, amazing dynamics, soars with eagles than dowses in flowers. What hasn't changed is his ability to make one's jaw hit the floor, and that's what mine did, numerous times, unbelievable.

THE HOPE is that Joe will be back to the West, again before too long. And that he has a whole legion of new fans.

THE HIGHLIGHTS: Too many to mention.


BIGGEST DISAPPOINTMENT: I didn't catch one of Joe's picks flung into the crowd.

THANKS: to Joe and his incredible band, one of the best live shows of my life.

THE SETLIST (if you want it)

Cradle Rock
So Many Roads
When The Fire Hits The Sea
So, It's Like That
If Heartaches Were Nickels
Slow Train
Dust Bowl
Sloe Gin
The Ballad of John Henry
Steal Your Heart Away
Midnight Blues
Young Man Blues
Woke Up Dreaming
Mountain Time
Just Got Paid/D and C


Re: Perth, Western Australia; 23 May 2011

Thanks Steve! That is an eloquent review. Up late at night and still buzzing I can tell. Been there myself.  smile The afterglow remains for quite a while, then will come the need for more... Once you've heard Joe live, there is no canned substitute that will serve.  wink

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Re: Perth, Western Australia; 23 May 2011

Great review, thanks for posting.

He does take some beating doesn't he?  Had a work colleague come to the Brisbane show who had only seen the RAH DVD a few days before (never heard of him before), he was absolutely rapt, so much so he rang a mate of his in Adelaide who has also never heard of him and bought tickets on his recommendation.

The power of Joe just keeps rolling on.  Tickets were $70 in Brisbane, an absolute steal and no doubt something that JB will correct for any future tour.  I have paid a lot more for a lot less, but have never walked away from a concert happier.  The man's the real deal, and one hell of a nice guy to boot.

Re: Perth, Western Australia; 23 May 2011

Discovered JB 6 months ago when I randomly bought RAH Blu-ray. Was so amazed I went online whilst the DVD was still playing and found that he was coming to Perth. Bought tickets on the spot and what I saw last night surpasses anything I have ever seen live with regards to sheer guitar playing ability.
I took a close mate and he rang me today to thank me again.
The rapport of all the band members was great to witness and the drummer was off the planet kick ****!
And as for his accoustic ability, pure genius!
The only criticism I do have was that it was VERY loud at times when he sang on his own.  mmmm am I getting too old perhaps???
I would pay good money to see him again, and again, and again, and he will surely rate highly alongside the greatest lead guitarists of all time in the years to come.
I have been fortunate enough to witness many great concerts over the last 30 + years and last night rates very very high on my all time best.

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SO glad to hear the tour ended without gear issues! Joe & CO do indeed give their all. They needed things to end on the proverbial "good note". Thanks for the reviews!!!!   Cathy

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Re: Perth, Western Australia; 23 May 2011

Wow, what a review! Stephonix, you need to start writing guitar stories for the local magazines there.....I'm sure it's a great talent you have there as well. As far as the jaw drops - yeah, priceless, and the many smiles thereafter, precious! Glad to know that 'the thrill is back' after the Newcastle debacle.  smile

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Re: Perth, Western Australia; 23 May 2011

That is a top review Stephonix!  I like your writing style.

Dammit, now I really can't wait for the Adelaide show to start on Friday...  cool

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Re: Perth, Western Australia; 23 May 2011

Great review Stephonix. Can't wait for Melbourne tomorrow night - we are 2nd row dead centre so it should be perfect  smile

Re: Perth, Western Australia; 23 May 2011

Thanks for the reviews of my review!

Would love to hear how Melbourne and Adelaide go. Adelaide could be a scorcher; the last show with the JB band for 5 months.

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Re: Perth, Western Australia; 23 May 2011

Excellent review Steve, and comments by all others! This is the tie that binds... and we need you Aussies to stick together AND stick, around, to help bring the rest, including your outback youths, into the fold!
Cathy, tour's not quite over yet!  Tomorrow night in Adelaide still to go!
  Cheers Oz!

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Re: Perth, Western Australia; 23 May 2011

Devan wrote:

That is a top review Stephonix!  I like your writing style.

I echo Devan sentiments - good job!  smile

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