Topic: Bonamassa returns to Amarillo Globe-News Center Friday May 11

His second show should sell out soon--tickets at  Here is one of the reviews from an old topic "West Texas Date" on Joe's first Globe-News Center show, by Jim M.: 

"Through a series of serendipitous events Joe was booked in to the 32 Million dollar Globe News Center for Performing Arts. Less than a month out from the actual date.

I had heard about the Globe Center from a friend in Amarillo I had met a couple of years ago and turned on to Joe. He had an opportunity to try to convince the powers that be that Joe would be worthy of setting foot on the magnificent stage in this modern marvel of architecture.

Not only did they take on the challenge but they proved what can be done with an orchestrated promotional effort where an entire city gets behind an event. This show was such an overwhelming success for Joe and the management of the center I’m sure it will lead to a long standing relationship with Joe Bonamassa and will help put this venue and Joe on the national radar screen.

I would say three fourths or more of the audience had never heard of Joe Bonamassa before but came to support the center and out of curiosity after the media blitz that preceded the event. Of course we all know how they reacted. An amazed shell shocked crowd in the lobby after the performance. Not enough superlatives to describe Joe’s show.

It is also impossible for me to describe the geodesic design of the hall with its 1300 plus seats arranged in such away that it appeared that the back row could easily reached with an under hand toss. The sound was unmatched with movable baffles to change the dynamics of the room from amplifying a mere voice on stage to keeping Marshall half stacks at bay.

What a room, what a show, what a crowd. Thanks to Wolf, Julie, Liz, and all the people in Amarillo that made this show possible. I met so many nice people I couldn’t list them all. I can’t wait to come back and I’m sure Joe feels the same way. 

I predict this venue will be a destination point for artists in the near future. Amarillo must be commended for this ambitious adventure to build a state of the art venue in the West Texas prairie, to give its people a world class facility that will attract not just young up and comers such as Joe but world renowned artists as well."

Re: Bonamassa returns to Amarillo Globe-News Center Friday May 11

That building looks absolutely beautiful- too bad I couldn't make it over there for the show... I've always wanted to go to Texas, though... smile

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Re: Bonamassa returns to Amarillo Globe-News Center Friday May 11

Tickets are selling so well, this should sell out by May 11.  The new set from Joe's post sounds great:  "We are going to be playing 3 songs off the new album some stuff from You and Me and stuff from my older records. Its a longer show now. 13 songs in total. I wanted to cover more ground with this show."

Re: Bonamassa returns to Amarillo Globe-News Center Friday May 11

Bonamassa is expected to appear also at the great new Hastings on Georgia in Amarillo this Friday May 11 at 1 p.m.  See you there!