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I'm going to a concert of his but i don't even own one of his albums - what do you think, which would be best to start with?

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His latest.....coz Joe's on it!!!

No seriously his latest is full of great guests.. Other than that Walter is at his Relentless best live so pick up a DVD......

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It's hard not to mention "Full Circle" because Joe is on it. To really get a feel of Walter is like live today I would recommend "Relentless". It's available as a CD or DVD.
Another favorite of mine is "Live (No More Fish Jokes)". It was recorded live in Europe back in 1991, I believe. Walter was really smokin' back then.
As you may know, for the European tour in March and April, Walter's band will consist of a trio. He will be without his keyboardist for those shows only. It will be interesting to hear how they sound. It should be pretty good.

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The CD lee means is probablt - Life in the jungle- from 1990. I think it's his best. It's recorded on a festival in Denmark in 1990. Very pure and good blues, bluesrock. Not so technical as his later work, more emotion.
Another live double CD is - live Trout- from the Tampa Bay Bluesfest march 2000.
good too, but I prefer - life in the Jungle-. Even better than  Full Circle.

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Hi Andre - "Life In The Jungle" is a good one, too. It was recently released here in the U.S. It is part live and part studio album. "No More Fish Jokes" is another album altogether. It's all live - recorded about the same time. I wish I could remember where I bought it. It's listed on Walter's discography page:

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The several cds I have are all good relentless,deep trout,go the distance,walter trout. he is one of my favorites

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