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Finally after 30 years Peter Frampton won his long deserved Grammy for Pop Instrumental Album of the year for "Fingerprints"...a great instrumental effort and it is good to see him get some accolades....he is still an amazing player and hopefulyl he and Joe can team up on a recording in the future..


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Its a really great album.. Congrats to my Friend Peter Frampton on his Grammy!!!
Joe Bonamassa

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I saw Peter Frampton in concert last year in Chicago.  He was outstanding and very warm-hearted with the crowd.  Many standing ovations for him.  He said, "You know they told me when I lost the hair, nobody would care a thing about me anymore.....well what do you think?"  And of course, the crowd got even louder..........awesome guitar and vocals!  Very deserving of a Grammy award.   Patty

"I'm not nice to any guitar!"      lol
                 Joe Bonamassa 05-03-12


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I recently saw him at the Wiltern in L.A.

really great show, he seems like a really good guy
was having a lot of fun up there.

Hope we hear more from him

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I stumbled onto the Fingerprints CD via Comcast Rhapsody.   It does a great job of displaying Peter's talent.  I was glad to see the Grammy.

I really enjoyed his Live In Detroit cd, too.  I was one of the many who wore out the grooves of Frampton Comes Alive back in college.  It was good to hear him revisit that music, as well as some of the Humble Pie material.

My wife and I have very different musical tastes, but Fingerprints is one that we both can listen to.