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I mentioned this band under General Topics but I thought I'd post their myspace site here. Does anyone remember "Mindbender?" Rock 'n' Roll! big_smile

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Hey there's an edited video clip of stillwater doing SAMS JAM on the myspace site just scroll down & its on the right opposite the whiskey photo smile
   very very rare , but what a great guitar sound ........  its a shame cos the original is 9;00 long and that rolls, and stillwater & joe connection tom o'dowd at the controls ,

where's that full version in cyberspace

Joe Bonamassa .......  His Greatest 3 Videos ... IMMHO   After Much Deliberation
3rd ...... Mountain Time / Rockpalast
2nd ...... Sloe Gin       /  Vienna             
1st ....... Blues Deluxe / The Borderline

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Yeah! Sounds good.