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Re: Day 19 Santorini 2010

"Folks, I am not on Facebook, my Email has been the same for about 3 years, I post it right here when I feel someone might not find it by checking my profile.  Once every quarter I get a "greeting card" phish attempt. That is it.  It is darockette88@yahoo.com.  I get zero spam.  I have another Email account for that.    IDEA: We'll individually add you both to our "big lists" of email blast addresses.  Everyone has my address, I will not touch Facebook at present for special reasons, so I suffer as I see NO pictures from Facebook being mentioned here. To quoteth a blues song, "It's My Own Fault"! 
Rock On & Keep the Faith,

Rocket, I don't have a facebook either, but more and more friends of mine are getting them and I can lay down a bet right now that my girlfriend that recently separated from her hubby after 30 something years is going to connect with her old high school boyfriend...  Anyway, imagine this, my young adult children said they will not friend me or accept me...haha...I guess I would see everything they are up to...Regardless, I do miss out on viewing photos.  I just got a new e-mail, because just too many people have my other one...too much junk mail.  This is my new e-mail...  BeatleZepBonamassaFan@gmail.com  (sorta' describes me to a t when it comes to music)   wink

Hey Joe,
Thanks for the update. Stay Cool, Stay Blue and Keep Rockin'.  We love you.  smile

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Re: Day 19 Santorini 2010

Hi Joe, Know what you mean about the heat, i`m on the island of Corfu and it`s bloody hot here as well, some of us were born to suffer......

"Joe Bonamassa"Funkier than a mosquitoe`s tweeter

Re: Day 19 Santorini 2010

Joe Bonamassa wrote:

The sun is angry here my friends. We have been invaded by flies.  The earth bakes, the wind blows and we are churning out our special brand of blues and rock yet again for your listening pleasure.  I have discovered that I am the victim of the worst farmer's tan in history.  All work and little play make Joe's arms two different colors.  Things are good here in the fertile crescent.  Hope everybody is having a happy and safe summer..  Global warming.. Debate it all you want.. Come to Greece in August.  Its like living on the freaking sun.. Miss all of you guys and gals..
Joe Bonamassa