Topic: StewMac's "Parsons Street" humbuckers... Poor Man's BurstBucker?

Thinking about trying these special Golden Age Parsons Street Pickups, because I trust StewMac wouldn't make it crappy. $54-56 depending on pickup cover. Choice of A2 or A5 magnets. Not wax potted.

We christened these exceptional humbuckers in tribute to the famous Kalamazoo address where the holy grail of pickups, the legendary PAF (Patent Applied For), was born. Our Parsons Street™ humbucking pickups are closely modeled after an outstanding vintage PAF set from our own collection. That sweet tone was just too good to keep to ourselves!

Just as in the valuable vintage PAFs from our collection, the slug coil of the Parsons Street humbucker has more windings than the polepiece coil, and both coils are unpotted. Old PAFs weren't made in separate neck and bridge-position models, and their DC resistance varied from 7-9K ohms. We give you a choice: Parsons Street neck-position pickups are wound to mid 7K, and bridge-position models to low 8K.

You also get a choice of original-style magnets: Alnico 2 gives a warm tone with smooth highs and a soft bottom response; Alnico 5 produces a clear tone with more pronounced highs and a tighter low end. (Original PAFs contained Alnico 2, 3 and 5 magnets at various times.) … ckers.html

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Re: StewMac's "Parsons Street" humbuckers... Poor Man's BurstBucker?

I'm GASsing again - 3x in one day! Man this forum is killing me!

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