Topic: Zach Caruso

Last night I saw this new band as a warm-up for Johnny A.  Its a trio with Zach Caruso on guitar. Zach is currently a student working on his PhD and the bass player is a college Music major.  This was only their second gig as a band and they only had been asked to be Johnny's warm-up a week an a half ago, just as they were planning on going to the studio to record their first CD. 

Zach was kinda' nervous a little, making conversation and saying how he had been reading about Johnny A since he was 15 in guitar magazines etc. and what a thrill it was to be playing before him. 

Then, before the 3rd song, Zach says to the audience at the World Cafe, I got to ask you something, "Have any of you ever heard of Joe Bonamassa"???  I'm in the front waving my hand, I had already established the guy to my left was a Joe fan (a physician by day and blues guitarist by night in a band) so, I'm not sure how many people were waving their hands.  BUT then, my husband taps me and says...stand up and show him your shirt!!   smile  Yeah, Zach was really surprised with that...its a small world after all.. You had to be there to feel the vibe, but before the show opened, the table I was sitting at was a buzz about Joe. 

So, Zach is really quite good and he writes his own music and is local to the Philly area.  I haven't totally checked out all of his songs on myspace, but I would defintitely go see him again and I will buy his CD when its ready.  I noticed on his myspace he lists Joe as one of his influences.

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