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hey Thanks Jim!!!! That totally rocked more than I thought it would, very heavy.
Now I even want to hear Joe do it MORE!!!!!

of course I had to search up the Judas Priest version I grew up on
and watching the intro part is a good example of how I learned to act at concerts. Judas Priest was the first concert I went to I think. I got my screaming (and whistling smile ) habits from going to shows like that. I had learned that the bands like to hear the crowd go wild and then I also tried to get in the first whistle or scream at any pause in a performance to see if I could get the attention of the band and possibly some sort of recognition as you see Halford do in this clip. Just a head nod or a smile in the general direction of the section I was in was always way awesome and I always felt like I was pleasing the band that way. Now that I go to these smaller shows I realize thats not the appropriate behavior all the time....
anyway as much as I could watch Glenn Tipton's guitar face all day I think I'll be re-playing that FMac clip a few more times today!