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Re: Joe On The George Lopez Show - Tuesday March 16

vortex1 wrote:
Rik Emmett Fan wrote:
vortex1 wrote:

Here is the you tube link to Joe on the Lopez Tonight Show.

Great Job on the clip. The only thing missing is the Black Rock cd at the end of the show.

I uploaded a new verson of the video with the Blac Rock cd added at the end. I'm sorry i forgot this part
in my first upload this morning. I'm sorry for the mistake and thanks for reminding me.

new link

Hey no apologies! You ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you!!!

i tried to watch the other night but fell asleep after the first intro.
i don't have a disticnt opinion on this. I think a good part of fan frustration was we sorta expected an interview, since we know how great Joe interviews are and how nonsensical it seems considering the other parts of the show. So i think it was more that it was not what many expected after hearing about it. I didn't read many of the comments here as that bad, and I hope they didn't get too misread by anyone espcially those working hard for Joe and things like this. But that happens no matter what so I try to factor that in. FWIW the comments on Facebook were similar and that is where it was 'officially' announced anyway.
but it definitely was a good thing and this youtube reflects that very nicely
also i'll try to remember as much as possible to share facebook and twitter Joe posts with the fans here who don't do those. With facebook alot of times you can't read it if not registered but twitter, you can follow what Joe says without registering by going to this page

Re: Joe On The George Lopez Show - Tuesday March 16

That's my Birthday present from my friend JOE!.



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Re: Joe On The George Lopez Show - Tuesday March 16

pattyluvsjoe wrote:

Just got a call from my Mom (80 years young) and Joe she said to tell you:

"Hi Joe,  I stayed up to watch you on Lopez Tonight.  I thought you looked very handsome and played very well.  I wish they would have showed more of you, I was looking forward to hearing you again."
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Talked to my Mom again tonite and she is still talking about Joe on Lopez Tonite.  Commented again on how nice & well groomed Joe was...but  "such a shame that they didn't show more of Joe."     Guess the love of Joe runs thru our veins.  My Mom was quite impressed when she saw Joe LIVE at Hoyt Sherman in Des Moines this past fall.   Maybe I should have her write George a letter......    lol     ....just teasin'.   
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Re: Joe On The George Lopez Show - Tuesday March 16

I told Anna sittin' to my left front row at the Medford show, that he needed to blow away America on several Late shows. Dave would be perfect since he knows and would jam again w/ Anton. The Tonight Show, now that the dust has settled from that mess and he's rooted in that area. 2 songs on a record co. friendly new one first, then a semi-condensed but jaw dropping and slightly demented Sloe Gin. I warned Anna being a Newbie, that this show that was minutes from starting would be a life changing experience.....Joe did'nt let down

Re: Joe On The George Lopez Show - Tuesday March 16

I just got to watch this tonight on demand.
I think it was good publicity for Joe. I hope he got a few new fans since they promoted Black Rock and gave a copy to everyone in the audience.

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Re: Joe On The George Lopez Show - Tuesday March 16

If everyone got a copy, there's sure to be some people getting into it. The ones that don't will hopefully give the cd to someone who will dig it.

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Re: Joe On The George Lopez Show - Tuesday March 16

Thanks Vortex1 for the video.  Tried to watch the highlights online and saw nothing of Joe's playing so this is brilliant  big_smile
Maggie  big_smile