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I thought I'll give it a try.

In this game one user posts two songs.
Lets say:  Stop vs. My Mistake

Then another user has to decide, which song he likes better and then what song should "fight" against it.
For example: Stop vs. Burnin Hell

And so on....

I hope it'll work.

Ok, I start the first round with:

Cradle Rock vs. Travellin South

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Travellin' South

Travellin South vs. Lonesome Road Blues

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Lonesome Road Blues (tough decision sad )

Lonesome Road Blues vs . No Slack


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Lonsome Road Blues

vs Last Kiss

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I hope I don't end it all right here.

Lonesome Road Blues vs. Mountain Time/any version

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Mountain Time vs Tea For One


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Tea For One vs. Had To Cry Today


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Hmmm... I think ...... Tea For One!

Tea For One vs. So Many Roads (LFNIP)

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So Many Roads vs. the good ol' If Heartaches Were Nickels (played on a strat... smile )

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If Heartaches Were Nickels v Reconsider Baby

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If Heartaches vs. When she dances.

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If Heartaches Were Nickels vs. Further On Up The Road (Royal Albert Hall)

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Further On Up The Road.

Further On Up The Road v Pain and Sorrow

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Pain&Sorrow vs Asking Around For You

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Asking Around For You vs You Upset Me Baby  wink

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You Upset Me Baby vs Blues Deluxe


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You Upset Me vs. Story of a Quarryman cool