Topic: Leslie West "Guitarded"

anyone else out there have this disk ?
i've had it for some time now & something is sorta driving me nuts.....
Is the version of "If Heartaches were Nickles" the same as the one Joe released ?
Leslie credits Joe & Greg Allman...and the guitar work is incredible...
it's probably 1 of my favorite "Joe" tunes.
Maybe it's the mix...or maybe i'm just nut's....but it seems different.

*P.S. if you DON'T have the disk...i suggest you pick it up it's a pretty good "drinking" CD !

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Re: Leslie West "Guitarded"

RKO. I will look into the disk. I have Mountain Twin Peaks and is one of my favs for a long time! Theme From Imaginary Western is a killer song as is Crossroader!


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Re: Leslie West "Guitarded"

Although my Guitarded is out on (technically) unauthorized loan, so I can't relisten, it is the exact same version as on Joe's ANDY.  Sonic differences may be due to British pressing?Incidentally my copy lists "Nantucket Sleighride" as being on the disc, but it's not on there!
Awesome disc though.  The cover is also exactly the same as San Francisco's punk band Limp's "Guitarded"....weird!