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What a loss. He changed the world of music, invented multitrack recording and of course, the Les Paul guitar. Also a great guitarist who continued to gig every week until his death at 94. … ;GT1=28102

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I just heard it. It's so sad.


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It's so sad. RIP Les and thank you for all you have done! I hope now you'll play another session with Django up there.

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It is a very VERY sad day:(

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I am very , very glad he was here, and very, very sad he is no longer here.  What a man! A real man.  A gentleman, absolutely!  A strong man's man.  And  a music man... He's went from cracking me up to choking me up.  Ouch...
G'bye Lester.   

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A legend with a story......God was a great honor when touring the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame to see the display of Les Paul guitars and his story....and a very deep honor to have one of his guitars.  Will never be forgotten in the music world, let the heavens part and make room on that guess is Mary Ford is there and smiling.......

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Rest in peace Les.....You truly inspired alot of us and thanks for the remarkable guitar
you created and was refined many times over with your help.....

And so castles made of sand melts into the sea, eventually.........

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Very sad news, we lost a legend and great man:(

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Just heard myself, on Joe's facebook page. Yet nothing on the news!!
Les gave us so much, i thank you, RIP
~ Brack ~

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Re: RIP Les Paul

thanks for posting on Facebook Joe. Sad news indeed, but what a legacy and a superb mark he has left on this World, his life and what he archived through his lifetime should be celebrated.

My YouTube channel with plenty of my Joe's videos dating from 2009 inc his first Hammersmith Odeon ones:

Re: RIP Les Paul

...just read it on the web... it's a sad day...
Kudos to him for inventing so many things and
especially the GUITAR... may he rest in peace...


Re: RIP Les Paul

We lost a legend today..

RIP Les Paul.


Re: RIP Les Paul

indeed a great loss,

without good old Les i wouldnt be having such a an awesome guitar.


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Very sad. I actually don't know that much about him really so anyone who wants to share their experiences or links I'd like that thanks. I mean I have always had the pleasure of benefiting from his contributions but just really didn't pay much attention or know much at all about guitars till recent years.
He was here in MD not long after I learned about Joe for the First World Guitar Congress and I wish I had taken the time to get involved. Still kicking myself over that one.

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He had an amazing and long life.

I just like to think about that....

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A very sad day on the passing of an incredible man.  It is difficult to describe the influence that LP, his guitars and innovation has had on the last 70 years of music.    I am curious what Joe's thoughts are about Les Paul.   RIP.


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We all have to die and Les had a longer time than most on this planet. Doesn't make it any less sad a day though.
What a legend and what a legacy.

Thank you Les.

Rest in peace.
I shall play my Les Paul today in honour.


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RIP Les. We've lost a great musician and innovator but his legacy and name will live on through, arguably, the greatest guitar of them all.

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