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Hey everyone! Just joined the board, but have been digging on Joe since I saw him sit in with Philip Sayce in CA last year. What an experience that evening was. Joe was a phenomenal surprise, and I left knowing that these two are without a doubt a couple of the finest musicians on the scene today.

I know this is Joe's board, but for those of you who love this music NEED to check out Philip. The jam these two had was ELECTRIFYING! He has played with heavyweights like Jeff Healey, Uncle Kracker, and now with Melissa Etheridge, along with his own band (with Kenny Aronoff on drums!!). I believe he and JB are a couple of the top young guys out there......and are around to keep this music alive and kicking.

Check out these lesson-type clips that I found on You Tube that Phil did for Young Guitar magazine in Japan, to give you a start...... … mp;search=

Nice to meet y'all and Rock On Joe!! Thank-you for your AWESOME music!


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Welcome aboard Swamp. Been a Philip fan for about 2 years now. Found him on Grooveyard records web site. I have a bootleg of Philip in 1997 from Finland. Love it.  But my favorite Philip Sayce recording is a dvd from Germany with Jeff Healey. Phil plays his **** off. It's only an hour but it an hour with PHILIP SAYCE. One of the best young guns out there, along with Joe, Lance Lopez,
Wes Jeans, Mato & Ansley Lister. Let me know if you want a copy of this dvd. It's not the Montreux recording where Phil only is on 4 songs.   WELCOME!

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Welcome Swampthing!! Pittsburgh Jeff turned me on to Phillip Sayce! Definetly a good guitarist!

Swamp Thing? I liked Alan Moore and John Totlebens version the best!


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Welcome to the board.

Yeah, he's pretty good from what I've heard of his music.
But for future reference there is a topic for "Other Artists".... no biggie.

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